End of tenancy cleaning London

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices in London ( 2022)

PROPERTY TYPE PRICE/without carpet clean PRICE/with carpet clean
STUDIO APARTMENT £110.00 £150.00
1 BEDROOM £160.00 £190.00
2 BEDROOMS £180.00 £250.00
3 BEDROOMS £205.00 £285.00
4 BEDROOMS £250.00 £340.00

*If consumer wishes to use our services above, all these are subject to certain T&C and possible minimum charges. Prices are variable between different properties, because of their location. All provided prices are subject to availability. Central London Congestion Charge introduced by Major of London are not included in the total (when applicable). When we calculate the price for tenancy cleaning, we also take into consideration the area’s, size and dimensions of the property and the time of the appointment. All prices are subject to VAT.”

** Second Bathroom- Additional £30.00+ VAT. Please Note: If consumer wishes to re-schedule a cleaning session ( first 72 hours, after the booking is free of charge), beyond that period is £60.00+VAT

*** 72 hours guarantee: If consumer  after the clean, brings to our attention that the cleaning checkout has minor or major faults to correct, we will send a cleaner FREE of charge. Such complaints should be brought to our attention within 72 hours period from the time the initial cleaning was performed.  The client should provide access to our team to correct the faults.

**** After the clean , we expect client to make promptly full payment. Failure to do so, may result our 72hours Re-Clean Guarantee to be withdrawn.


Our special studio flat cleaning start only from £99.00. Majority of other cleaning companies in London became cheap competitors, they charge clients per hour and they have little to offer. We can calculate a fixed price for you where you always know what you will be paying for CCL Cleaners terminating any risk of uncompleted jobs or overcharging clients.

How End of Tenancy Cleaning Service is Defined ?

How to define end of tenancy cleaning for people who needed the most?  When residents, tenants or landlords are in need to have their rented property clean or if they have bought a new place and plan to relocate or move out. In both scenarios’ consumer will need a thorough deep house cleaning perhaps from professional cleaning company. This is when you get in touch with us and book End of Lease Cleaning. We will arrange everything for you, our dedicated support team is ready to help at all times. The specialist service is carried out by experienced teams and it is delivered with detailed interventions. All of this necessary to transform properties and bring them into neat shape, which is required by landlords and Real Estate agents.

Our cleaner’s know-how, what detergents and when to use give us peace of mind for successful completion of the job. We are familiar and we know how important for consumer is to have their flat/house tidied, cleaned and checked. CCL Cleaners London created an inclusive checklist mirroring high standards and exclusive cleanliness. If you want to familiarise yourself with our extensive checklist please click on the link to read about what is included in certain tasks. In addition, our cleaning services are fully insured, but also, we guarantee that if you are not satisfied with our End of Tenancy Cleaning performance, then you can expect re-clean of the property which is going to be free of charge.

Most importantly is that our cleaning service: is formed by our comprehension, expertise, relationships, resources, competencies and our evaluations of the best way to leverage these, it fashioned too by our creativity and values.

Remember: When booking End of Tenancy Cleaning with our cleaning company you can rest assured that every corner in each room of your property will be professionally cleaned. You may want to know that consumer can get guarantee only from professional cleaning service provider.

What do you call a professional end of tenancy cleaning?

Professional cleaning is defined as use of a modern cleaning equipment, high-end cleaning detergents and thoroughly cleaned properties from our workforce. Top end of tenancy cleaning promises immaculate post-rent property shape, ready to welcome the new tenants in. Maybe for that reason we can proudly announce that our end of lease cleaning company is reliable cleaning contractor throughout Greater London:

  • Use of only professional detergents. These are unavailable over the counter or in any Retail stores, actually they are provided only by leading janitorial firms.

  • Specialised oven clean. We know howto degrease and remove dirt from all your oven.

  • Professional cleaning performance. With our end of tenancy cleaning checklist our cleaners will follow strictly methods, procedures and instructions from consumer for fast completion to secure your deposit back.

Why Book Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Company?

Our tailored agile methods and hands-on attitude make it easier for us to promptly identify best solution needed to complete jobs successfully and in timely manner. We closely specialize in end of tenancy house cleaning, but we can boost that we are one of the best for flat or apartment cleaning as well. Studios, 1 bedroom or 2 bedrooms flats we are ready to take on them and make them sparkle only for few short hours, regardless of the cleanliness, of course your inventory check will pass with the inventory check out person. We will deliver a moving out cleaning service to an acceptable rental agreement level. If you live in London and you are on a hunt for a reliable company for pre-tenancy cleaning services, we know what professional cleaning requires and we know what consumer will expect

5* End of Tenancy Cleaning Experience

  • Our company is formed back in 2004.

  • Working closely with landlords, letting agents, tenants, property management companies, short-term letting agencies.

  • Family run business, that means fast decision making.

  • Authentic cleaning company, we don’t use outside cleaning operatives.

  • Tons of experience within the cleaning industry, steadily gained after thousands of successfully completed cleans.

  • Customer retention combined with enhanced customer experience and satisfaction.

Our remarkable end of tenancy comes with continuous support and promote further customer care for move out cleaning jobs. Book online under a minute via our easy navigating online booking form, perhaps you can obtain a Quote or give us a Call for the post-tenancy professionals at CCL Cleaners London.

Carpet Cleaning


Average cost for end of tenancy cleaning?

The median point of the cost depends on few factors.

  • Size and type of the property. We take into consideration: number of bedrooms, bathrooms, reception rooms, conservatories etc.
  • Stateof the property. We ask clients questions, so we can get clear picture of the cleanliness levels.
  • Different add on specialty services: professional steam carpet clean/ upholstery furniture, external window cleaning by using wash and reach, spot wall cleaning etc.

The move out / in home cleaning at CCL Cleaners offer finest possible value for money throughout Greater London

Explain end of tenancy cleaning checklist?

This is extensive list of cleaning tasks/points which needs to be followed to bring the property in immaculate condition, help to get clients deposit back after deep house cleaning.

  • Kitchens & kitchen appliances– Cleaning main appliances like fan extractor, hobs and ovens (included in the price) together with refrigerators, dishwashers, kettle’s, rubbish bins, toasters, microwaves, sink, cupboards, cutlery and many more.
  • Bathrooms & toilet– Entire shower cabins and the glass, bathtubs, plastic toilet seats, tiled floors, tiled walls, and more.
  • Living rooms– Wooden, vinyl or carpeted floors, carpets and upholstery, TV cabinets, house seating furniture, curtains, shelving, wardrobes, cupboards, wall-hung items, balcony windows and more.
  • Bedrooms– Cupboards, wardrobes, seating furniture, cleaning windows and window sills, doors and door knobs, light switches, dusting bed tables, thorough floors vacuuming and underneath and behind furniture plus the bed (if easy to reach out).

Hallways & staircases – Entry area free from cobwebs, entry mats, floors, hall trees, shoe racks, cupboards, wall hung photos, mirrors, other pieces and more

Do you guarantee the professional end of tenancy cleaning service?

As we have defined previously that all of our cleaners follow landlords-approved checklists, this is essential to complete jobs to the highest possible standard so the client can get recoup security deposit and move out in piece.

Do you clean the external windows on end of tenancy cleaning?

Yes and no, we definitely clean if they are reachable from inside. Alternatively, we can arrange external window clean by using reach and wash pole system, but this will be added on service.

How many hours cleaners will be spent in 1-bedroom apartment?

Depends on the property condition. It might take 3-5 hours. Average time for this type of property is 3.5h from team of 2 cleaners. Bear in mind that it will be done to the expected standards.

How many cleaners will you send to cover tenancy clean?

We will send team of at least 2 cleaners, for properties size of Studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedrooms house/flat. For bigger sizes we will send extra cleaners.

Do I have to do anything before cleaners arrive?

Yes, provide access for the cleaning team, let them know about any issues within the property. Most important is that you have to defrost the refrigerator in advance at least 24 hours prior cleaners’ arrival. If you fail to do this, it might delay the job or it might be impossible for the cleaners to defrost the freezer on the day, which will complicate your inventory checkout.

Do I have to pay your parking fees?

We will ask you in advance if you can provide parking facilities for our vehicles. You might want to help us and speak to your concierge in advance. In case that you cannot arrange this for us, that’s is still ok, we will sort this out ourselves. In This is the only charge that may come on top of your move out cleaning service. Be advised that congestion charging fees will be added towards the final bill. In some areas like Islington or the City of London, authorities have implemented excessive parking charges where parking for 1 hour could reach the amount of £10.00. Therefore, we might not take bookings for such areas or ask the client to take on the parking fees.

Do you clean windows from the outside?

Yes, it has to arranged in advance, this service is not included in the end of tenancy cleaning package. If you want to include exterior window cleaning, you will be charged as a separate service but not without a preferential discount for booking combined services when moving out.

Do you provide the cleaning materials and cleaning equipment?

Yes, we do supply all necessary stuff, for successful completion of the job.

How much does it cost to have my carpet cleaned?

Thorough professional hot water extraction at preferential price only when booked together with end of tenancy cleaning itself. Otherwise you can book this service separately.

Will I get my oven cleaned?

Yes, it is included in the price. We will provide professional oven clean and its parts will be taken out and grime and grease will be dislodged. Oven will be scrubbed internally and externally. Front glass door will be cleaned as well.

Do I have to be present while cleaning is taken place?

Yes, but only to provide access. If you choose that we have to pick up keys we can arrange this for you. Also, you can pay for the service via BACS.

Do you provide fixed price for the job?

Yes, we only provide fixed end of tenancy cleaning price. This means that the move out cleaners will stay at your property until the job is successfully completed.

What happens if cleaners neglect to clean something?

Rest assured, we rarely got called back for re-clean. This is extremely unlikely, but things happen so if something is skipped during the initial service, then consumer must make sure to notify us within 48 hours and we will put things in need for re-clean of your property free of charge.

What it will happen if a cleaner damages furniture or other appliances during the service?

All move out cleaners are comprehensively insured so you will be compensated appropriately if something like it ever occur. Cleaning teams are highly cautious and conscientious so it is almost certainly this won’t happen.

Do cleaners move furniture?

Yes, but only if possible and only the furniture is light. Most important for us is to get your deposit refund, for tenancy cleaners s critical to vacuum clean, dust and mop beneath tables, armchairs, sofas, beds, cupboards and etc. Don’t expect us to lift super heavy stuff. Health and Safety for our cleaners is number one priority.

Do you take care of blinds and clean those?

Yes, we do this. All wooden, plastic blinds are thoroughly dusted and cleaned. On some instances wear and tear says its part, and even when cleaned, better to replace them with new.

What areas do you cover?

We do concentrate our service around East London and South East London, but we do offer end of tenancy cleaning in Central London and North London. Recently we have started to deliver the same service to properties located in Essex, Kent and we have done some jobs in Surrey.


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