Commercial Contract Cleaning and Support Services in London

CCL Cleaners providing long and short-term contract cleaning and support services across London for over a decade.  We serving different clients with dignity by meeting their requirements and sticking to their task lists expectations, deadlines and more at competitive rates. Of course, all of our contract cleaning services are guaranteed, they are based on account of expertise, knowledge and excellence. Every company has their different approach towards the client, that is why we have developed practices around client’s business specific needs.

London’s Best Office Contract Cleaners

No Fixed Contract Terms

We offer foremost office cleaning service which is why we don’t want you engage you into a long-term contract. Many clients use our service because they want to not because we engage them in a contract.

Supervision is essential

During years we have attained expertise that the only way to provide a quality office cleaning is to check your cleaners regularly aka provide consistent supervision. Very important is to have managers or supervisors coming to check on staff while the teams are actually cleaning. Quality of the work must not be compromised.

Experienced and trained operatives.

Our recruitment approach is throughout all levels of the company.  Training is provided to new and existent operatives in our office cleaning company without exception.

Environmentally Friendly office cleaning

We offer also environmentally friendly cleaning products upon customer request. Also, we try to follow innovative working methods and systems wherever possible. Sustainability is very important to us.

Company Accreditations.

We are planning to accomplish accreditations such as Safe Contractors or The British Institute of Cleaning Science.

Client Satisfaction

All of our team members ensure that our customers are more than satisfied with the office cleaning service provided.

Define your business requirements.

When we negotiate a service with clients, we ask them to define to us their business demands. Not every corporate office requires a full-time cleaner and not every cleaning service need to be carried out in-house. Clients business-planning process should determine broad number of cleaner’s needed, but exactly how many will you need will be driven from your day to day cleaning necessities. We can offer plenty of options, whilst you wish to book maybe 2 cleaners during the day to empty bins, wash cutlery and look after the washrooms, they are might be additional roles required for after office hours cleaning – thorough office cleaning, wiping desks, recycling, washing toilets and messrooms. This is the way we are enable clients to manage their costs, reduce its cleaning bill and focus on its core activities.

Unlike other commercial cleaning or franchise businesses, we are proud to be authentic cleaning service provider in London. During our grow, we have tried to learn during our evolution process. That is why we are making sure that we don’t do following mistakes when it comes to offer service to our clients:

  • Trying to do everything at once

  • Poor staff recruitment

  • Poor internal communication within the company

  • Lack of clarity over specific cleaning services

  • Lack of operatives training

  • Over promoting employees before their long-term value to the business is well known.

Long Term Office Contract Cleaning

Our office contract cleaners work is hugely appreciated. Customer building or office will be professionally cleaned and perfectly serviced. Washroom facilities will definitely embellish the image of your business, both to your employees and your existent and future customers. Never mind if you require perhaps janitorial supplies, steam carpet cleaning or commercial office cleaning and washroom supplies at CCL Cleaners…we’ve got it all concealed and ready to go. We supply trained operatives to give a recourse and co-ordinate each delivery or replenishment service. We offer:

  • Long term contract cleaning.

  • Short term contract cleaning.

  • No-fixed contract terms.

  • Cleaner replacement.

  • Cleaner annual leave replacement.

  • Trial period available before each contract.

Commercial Cleaning Services Popularity.

We are very popular within the commercial cleaning services industry in London. Our cleaning company has developed rapidly throughout years and specifically tailored to meet all of each customer aims and expectations. Commercial cleaners are taking care of client’s premises such as office facilities, residential blocks and developments, communal areas and different sizes of office buildings.

We are in possession of Quality, Environmental and Health& Safety Policy which fully covers the commercial cleaning and we understand and keep up with tight production agendas. Our cleaning operatives are extensively trained and absolutely obedient with ever altered legislations in such of environment, covering all areas such as accession, COSHH assessments and machinery equipment usage or any new developed innovative cleaning processes.

We offer professional expertise and trained specialists our cleaning teams provide a variety of solutions:

  • Window cleaning services.

  • Carpet cleaning services.

  • Floor maintenance especially scrubbing, polishing and buffing

  • Washroom hygiene and more.

  • Pressure washing, jet wash.

  • Deep kitchen cleaning

  • Communal areas cleaning

  • Office steam carpet cleaning

  • Preventative maintenance cleaning

  • Gardening services of small gardens

  • One off commercial cleaning

  • Commercial spring cleaning.

  • Washroom and cubicles deep cleaning.

  • Construction cleaning attendants.

Quality is Our Strength.

Unlike other office cleaning companies at CCL Cleaners our directors do get involved int daily tasks and they work in the business.  They’re making sure that quality is brought to every site where we work. They ensure this is accomplished day in day out.  For that reason, to achieve highest standards at work we have tailored quality monitoring system.

What involves quality monitoring?

  • Daily or weekly visual inspection.

  • Different office sites have different aspects and priorities, for that reason so we have developed a none-identical checklist.

  • Once in place, we will take prompt action to correct any raised jobs within premises, then we will try motivating operatives and try to make certain top cleaning standards are continuously maintained.

  • We will check and re-assess training needs to all our office cleaning members staff. Supply of the cleaning detergents and equipment also will be audited and reviewed from time to time.

  • Communication with the client is another strength of our cleaning company. Client will not need to wait long time to get fast decision from us. Weather cleaner at your site underperform they will be replaced promptly.

  • We put everything together to make certain that you – the client we have a professional office cleaning services at your doorstep.

Cleaners Training.

Training is an essential and vital part of quality. All of our cleaning operative are required to attend training, induction and site familiarization. Periodical tool box talks and safety bulletins are distributed among the workforce.


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