Why Book London’s Best After Builders Cleaners?

CCL Cleaners are after builders cleaning experts in all London postcodes. With us, you can reserve a professional cleaning services team to carry out an after builders clean. Our operatives can take on different sites – like cleaning a renovated office, refurbished studio flat, or renovated and newly decorated family homes. We provide formal assurance for this service that we will minimize the dust inside your property and we will make the place pristine. CCL Cleaners send always knowledgeable, trained after builder’s cleaners. They are skilled, they have been briefed and have the expertise to provide the service efficiently.

We work with many different types of clients. Whether you are a property manager, freeholder, house owner, landlord, or property management company, and you want to book the service we will make sure that your property will be left in excellent condition in preparation for you or for the new tenants to move in. Here it comes the need to book our cleaning company. We have many 5* reviews, you can rest assured that if you hire us you will have your building construction site maintained cleaned and free of dust, as we do provide this service with some guarantees.

Get a free instant and accurate online quote after builders cleaning, or call us on 020 3137 6341 to discuss your requirements with a member of our support personnel.

After Builders Cleaning Services in London

It’s all set up for you. If you need us, we are ready and prepared to do the job.

  • COSHH, risk assessment and method statement available always on every task

  • Certifications and other requirements for work on a building site are followed

  • All cleaners are proficient, trained and thorough

  • Latest high-end class of machinery, equipment, and detergents in place

  • FREE online surveys for large building sites or similarproperties

If you wish to find more information about CCL Cleaning Services please call 020 137 6341.

How Much Does After Builders Cleaning Cost?

So, how much does it cost to clean after builders? Ok, we can figure out an accurate estimate for you once we have visited and surveyed the site, or alternatively you have provided us with comprehensive information about your property size, requirement. This will make the whole process as simple as possible. If you need a rough quotation then please do not hesitate to be in touch with us via the phone or online.

After Builders Cleaning

  • Studio Flat from £150 +VAT
  • 1 Bed, 1 Bath from £180 +VAT
  • 2 Bed, 1 Bath from £240 +VAT
  • 3 Bed, 2 Bath from £300 +VAT
  • 4 Bed, 3 Bath from £360 +VAT

After Builders Cleaning Per Hour

  • From £20 + VAT per hour /per cleaner


  • Single Room £20 +VAT
  • Double Room £25+ VAT
  • Lounge £35 + VAT
  • Hallway £20 +VAT
  • Stairs /per flight £20 +VAT

Reliable Cleaning Service from CCL Cleaners

There are hundreds of reasons to proceed and book with CCL Cleaners for your Builders Cleaning Services in London, all of our cleaning operatives are experienced, adept, skilled, fully insured, and diligent in the service.


Enroll after builders cleaning team?

It’s easier, convenient, and timesaving for potential new clients to find out in a few simple steps how to book a professional cleaning team.

Free Estimate

You could obtain instant online quotation, furthermore accurate price for professional end of tenancy cleaning service.

Everything Explained

Customer support throughout the process, from the initial booking right to the end our team will be available to answer any questions.

Book it

If you choose CCL Cleaners, we will allocate slot convenient for you. Rest assured that you have reserved our end of tenancy cleaning company.

Professional Cleaners

Our professional cleaning team will turn up on time, introduce themselves, then do a walk around the premises to inspect and make advice on how and when they will accomplish the cleaning service.

Cleaning Checklist

As standard procedure our cleaners follow approved end of tenancy cleaning checklist. At the end of the task client receives completed checklist, invoice and VAT receipt as prime evidence to show your landlord or letting agency.

Fast Completion

Our cleaners will make sure to fast turnaround for the tenancy cleaning. At the end you should settle balance and we’d truly appreciate your feedback on our move out cleaning.

Free Instant Online Estimate for Richmond End of Tenancy Cleaning

After Builders Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning after builders service always comes with a proposed checklist, invoice. and receipt. What is included in our Property Cleaning service?

Frequently Asked Questions.

Any building work must come to an end before your after builders cleaning team arrives and start the cleaning service. Also, the team must have access to running hot water, electricity, and usable toilet facilities. Cleaning detergents, provision of equipment and cleaning tools are included in the price. The after builders clean doesn’t substitute the end of tenancy cleaning.

Below you can find out the frequently asked questions together with the answers regarding after builders cleaning. For further information on our property cleaning services please ask for full FAQs or get in touch over the phone or online.

Q: Is there any difference between general clean and professional after builders clean?

A: Yes, there is. The main point is that only vetted, trained, insured, and professional cleaners can thoroughly deep clean London property to a certain standard required by landlords or letting agents, effectively and promptly, following an extensive after builders cleaning checklist. As implemented procedure in our services, we provide a proposed, signed, completed checklist, invoice, and VAT receipt to show that you have booked a professional cleaning services provider to perform the clean.

Q: Why should I choose the help of a professional cleaning company?

A: Good question. We use a piece of high-end equipment, top-notch detergents. We have in place really good management and diligent cleaners all of them also trained, insured, with enormous experience within the cleaning industry and specifically have carried out many professionals cleans around Square Mile.

Q: How early can you start with a clean?

A: Our cleaners can attend early in the morning; they work 7 days a week. The last clean can start from 6:00 pm in summer months but we accept only small properties or jobs.

Q: Can you clean after builders if the builders are not done with their work yet?

A: We recommend for after builders cleaning to be carried about 24 hours after the builders completed their projects as we want paint on walls or doors to dry. On the other hand, we still be able to help and start clean certain areas or levels of the property while the builders are still on-site. However, bear in mind that we can’t ensure the finest results as there will be more construction/refurbishment /decorating work taking place after the cleaning is done.

Q; Do you provide cleaning detergents, cleaning equipment, and other cleaning tools?

A: Yes, we do provide, our cleaning crews are fully equipped and well prepared for different tasks.

Q; How long will take the cleaners to clean after builders 1 bedroom flat?

A: Usually a clean can take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours based on a team of two cleaners.

Q: Do you provide professional carpet cleaning?

A: Yes, we do offer. If you combine after builders clean and carpet clean you will get a significant discount.

Q: How long it will take for the carpets to dry up?

A: To achieve the best drying results we use machines with a double vacuum, we expect 2 to 4 hours drying time during summer period, for other seasons it’s a little bit longer than that. We can accelerate the process by using professional air-movers. In case carpets are damp after carpet cleaning you can create an artificial ventilation by leaving windows open while you are at home.

Q: Do you clean kitchen appliances as part of the after builders clean-ing?

A: Good question, as part of the After Builders cleaning service the kitchen appliances are cleaned on the outside only. If they are installed recently and they are brand new and unused the cleaning team could wipe them over on the inside as well. In case the appliances are old and used ones please note we can offer an alternative:

  • Internal deep appliance cleaning at reduced rates the cleaners could clean the appliances internally without dismantling them but will take longer hours to clean

Q: Can cleaners clean the external windows?

A: We do engage to clean external windows due to health and safety risks, our teams only clean internal windows but only those easily reached without the use of a ladder.

Q: Can you clean all carpet stains?

A: Nobody can guarantee that they will get rid of all stains but we do guarantee that the carpet appearance will be much better.

Q: Can you provide end of tenancy cleaning references?

A: Yes, we can provide. You can also check our Google or Facebook reviews written by existing and previous customers

Q: Do you offer after builders cleaning near me?

A: We offer after builders cleaning across all London postcodes, we do cover also Central, West, North and South East London. So, to answer to your question ‘Do you provide post builders cleaning near me?’, yes, if the service is within the London catchment area.

Q: Do I have to arrange free parking for the team?

A: All of our teams strive to search for free parking or routes around the congestion charge, but where there is a possibility that our customers will be asked to cover these costs as some boroughs in London like Islington, Tower Hamlets, the City of London charges excessive parking fees.

Q: Do I need to be present at the property while the cleaning is taken place?

A: No, but we have a requirement that you have to provide access at the beginning of the clean. If you cannot attend at the beginning of the clean, you have to provide different access for our cleaning team. You can ask your building concierge to release the property key. Another option is to book key collection and we can pick them up from nearby letting agents, your work, or landlord.

Q: Do you charge VAT?

A: Yes, we do. Because we are a VAT registered company it is compulsory for us to charge the client 20% VAT for the service.  All prices provided including on our websites, on our estimate system are excluded from VAT.