Book housekeeper

  • Trained local housekeeper for your home

  • References provided upon request

  • We make sure your house keys are safe

  • Cleaning materials provided in need

  • Next day housekeeping service

Get professional cleaning following 3 simple steps.

Standard £14.00 per hour 2 hours
Premium £15.00 per hour 3 hours +

For our standard and premium housekeeping service, all prices are subject to VAT and T&C apply. Prices provided are available only for regular/ weekly standard& premium housekeeping service, with a minimum trial period of 3 cleaning visits

Standard Service

  • Starting from £14.00 per hour.

  • General cleaning only

  • Customer provides all cleaning detergents and equipment

  • Add an extra service + £14.00 per hour

  • Add an additional hour for laundry + £14.00 per hour

  • Standard service does not involve the following: limescale clean, deep oven clean, deep fridge clean.

  • Housekeepers will ensure safe key keeping.

Premium Service

  • Starting from £15.00 per hour.

  • Thorough dusting, wiping and polishing,

  • Cleaning detergents + cleaning equipment supplied by the cleaners

  • Add ironing and laundry for an additional £15.00 per hour

  • Ironing and laundry available only when booked in advance

  • Deep oven cleaning, deep refrigerator cleaning

  • Limescale removing and professional bathroom cleaning.

  • Same housekeeper on every visit

  • Re-schedule at cleaning at any time, free cancellations

  • Housekeepers with+ 3 years’ experience.

Housekeepers for London Homes

If you require your property regularly visited by one of our professional maids and you expect to receive a high-quality cleaning service, CCL Cleaners have the ability and approach within the cleaning industry to get you to place professionally cleaned and maintained.

An experienced cleaner will pay a weekly visit to your property at the scheduled time and day.

Most areas will be nicely cleaned within a couple of hours. Bathroom taps, shower glass, etc. will be free of lime-scale. Appliances and surfaces in the kitchen will be cleaned from grease and grime. The housekeeper will vacuum clean, dust and mop all floors as required.

On customer request maid can generally clean balcony, watering plants, do the washing, do laundry, dishwashing, vacuuming, etc.

Our housekeeper will help and make your spare time enjoyable and your property– neatly cleaned. You will receive fantastic service at an affordable cost so contact our cleaning company today on 0203 137 6341.