How Much Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost: Choose From Best Prices, Options and Offers, Calculate How Much to Pay

How much does end of tenancy cleaning cost? Before you book it find out more about this type of cleaning service.

The definition for end of tenancy cleaning should be something like that: when the tenancy agreement comes to an end, occupants are required to vacate the current London property and leave it in pristine condition. It should be sparkling cleaned and ready for the new tenants to move in.

To meet such requirements, they either should book a professional cleaning company. Cleaners will perform a deep thorough cleaning of the property or the tenants should do it themselves. Whilst the job is underway professional teams should strictly follow a comprehensive checklist designed by landlords or letting agents. They all need post tenancy cleaning services.

I will provide an example; an end of tenancy cleaning price for—let’s say a one-bedroom apartment located in London—can vary from £120 to £190. At first, this might appear a little bit over the top, But, don’t doubt it yourself and book the move out clean wisely especially if you have a large security deposit already on the line. To put things right and to please your landlord or letting agent when you vacate the property you have only one option to choose London’s best cleaners.

What End of Tenancy Cleaning Includes? 

  • Finest results – Fully guaranteed;

  • Free re-clean guarantee – We’ll sent cleaner back if required;

  • 48 h guarantee – We will wait 48hour to complete your checkout

  • Short notice bookings – Possibly to be achieved;

  • Oven cleaning is included in the price – As part of the service;

  • Internal window cleaning – part of the service.

  • Professional cleaners – Nothing to worry about;

  • No time span – We will take as much time as we need to finish;

  • Appliances cleaned – As they are included in the service;

  • Key pick up/drop upon client request– We ease both landlords and tenants if in close proximity;

  • Experienced cleaners some with 16 years expertise – Top notch customer care;

  • High-end cleaning equipment – Latest modern equipment

  • High-class detergents– Constantly reviewed;

  • Friendly cleaning crews– Move out experts;

Who Needs End of Tenancy Cleaning?



Ensures the landlord’s rental property is in superb condition and ready for the potential new tenant to move in swiftly.


Having it done on time will ensure that your 100% security deposit will be refunded before you go.


To ensure landlord properties are in excellent condition, end of tenancy cleaning checklist is followed so the property can be rented out to new tenants without complications.

What factors are decisive for the final cost.



Be always honest in regards to the calibre of your rental property when you are booking the service of a professional cleaning company. I will tell you why? Let’s say you have two bathrooms, providing false information and saying to us that you have only one—whether accidentally or intentionally, definitely will only slow things down and delay the job. We even might consider to pulling out. Remember: to clean a single bathroom it might need a time period of 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. We can offer to pay you a visit for a brief survey and to figure out an accurate price. Having precisely done this, both sides will be pleased that things moving ahead in the right direction.



The most important factor is the overall condition. The poorly upkeeped property will require more effort to bring it to the state where it should be. It will cost you more, of course, don’t be too surprised if the cleaning quote we have emailed you is higher than the one you have expected. The main goal of the tenancy clean is to make it spick and span, also to appear natty and to be hygienic. Any problems outside the cleaning service like cracked glass, broken doorknob, hole in the wall, smeary ceiling, or areas needing painting or decorating you will have to hire a professional handyman.


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How End of Tenancy Cleaning is Guaranteed With CCL Cleaners?

Definition of professional cleaning?

What is the definition of “PROFESSIONAL” a person or company performing any assigned tasks to the highest standards? Or someone who does a specific type of work like cleaning and it has been trained briefed and hold advanced to provide this type of job. Many cleaning companies call themselves “professional” but this is not the case. You can easily spot the difference between highly pro and basic cleaning experts. Here are some of the signs to look for:

  • 48h free re-clean guarantee – rest assured;

  • Trained cleaning operatives-so you can relax;

  • Oven cleaning included in the price– even the dirtiest ovens we clean;

  • Fixed prices– no need to worry, if job overrun, we will stay;

  • Excellent customer support-from start to finish we will assist;

  • High-end cleaning equipment-we use only professional equipment

  • High-end detergents- these are not found in retail stores;

  • Quality results- in house quality policy;

If you can across a cleaning company that matches all benchmark above, then you are most likely to have been in touch with a customer-oriented business. This is a reassuring indication in regards to quality, customer satisfaction, and excellent standards.

Why book CCL Cleaners?

We can proudly boast that our company has a quality policy and 100% “guaranteed” period—a common practice that involves free re-clean if your property hasn’t met the cleaning checkout or there are some issues detected that need additional attention or faults with the clean needed to be corrected.

  • Professional managements and teams of cleaners;

  • Detailed and easy to understand pricing policy; 

  • Huge presence in social media;

  • Feedbacks from clients who tried our cleaning services;

  • Authentic cleaning history;

  • Paramount reputation within the cleaning industry.

  • Informative and easily navigated website;

This is why at CCL Cleaners we call ourselves professional cleaning services in London.

Public liability insurance

Unlike other large cleaning businesses in the capital, our company doesn’t use subcontractors or other Limited companies with doubtful expertise or unproven insurance certificates. You can rest assured that we are in possession of comprehensive employers a public liability insurance policy, in regards to LandlordZone for private dwellings and other buildings. For that reason, we carry on the slogan; CCL Cleaners authentic cleaning company.

 How Much Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost in London?

The average cost of an  end of tenancy service varies and depends on few classified factors. These are property size, number of bathrooms, combined services included- end of tenancy cleaning  plus professional carpet cleaning or, without professional carpet cleaning.

Property type End of tenancy cleaning End of tenancy cleaning+
Carpet cleaning
Size of the property Single Combined
Studio flat £90
1 Bedroom £115
2 Bedrooms £150
3 Bedrooms £190
Combine Book and SAVE Discount 1 Discount 2
Combine End of Tenancy Cleaning + Window clean / Jet wash 10% off 10% off
Combine End of Tenancy + Upholstery Cleaning/ Wall clean £10% off 10% off

* Please also check out how much does carpet cleaning costs on average as a standalone service.

Why Tenants Prefer Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

What clients value most?

When you ask our clients what they valued most in our post tenancy services they received – it was definitely not hypothetical qualities of a hypothetical service, but real benefits that they have received- fast turnaround and excellent results. The majority of them also valued our cleaners with specialized skills and expertise. So why are specialized skills and experience being instantly so paramount? After all convenience is a huge factor. Nowadays our reputation is the best way for clients to understand our abilities to perform because once they book our end of tenancy, they want those qualities to go to work for them. We are proud to deliver excellent results everywhere in London.

DID YOU KNOW: 52% of people around the globe believe that businesses need to take immediate reactions to feedback provided by their customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I not attend the end of tenancy?

Yes, absolutely. We prefer your property to be completely vacated prior to start the service. All we need from you is to provide access. Upon request, we can arrange key pick-up/ drop off.

Do I have to cover the costs for parking?

Not necessarily. If you can arrange parking this will be very useful and beneficial in regards to saving time.

Do I have to provide cleaning materials or cleaning equipment?

Absolutely not. We prefer to use our powerful detergents and professional cleaning equipment as it is part of the service, these are all included in the price.

What move out cleaning service does not include?

Sure we can point this out- cleaning of walls, external windows cleaning, minor home repairs, painting, replacements or else as this is handyman service.

Does the end of tenancy cleaning come by fixed or hourly price?

We don’t charge per hour; it should not be a time span for us.  CCL tenancy cleaners will clean till It’s done. A proper end of lease cleaning can take on average between 4 to 7 working hours.

Do you require a deposit?

Not at all, it does sounds like a professional cleaning service does it? We will ask for money only when we completed the service as professionals do.

Do I have to pay extra for oven cleaning?

No, a professional end of tenancy cleaning is offered with free oven cleaning. Cleaning of all kitchen appliances comes at no extra charge.


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CCL Cleaners guarantees to improve or maintain your property cleanliness!

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