Carpet Cleaning Cost: 2023 Price Comparison for Professional Carpet Cleaning in London, Where to Look for Savings& Discounts?

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner

To find out the actual carpet cleaning prices in London, you will need to do some research. Professional stain removing on carpets is one of our most booked services within the cleaning industry in London. You will need to hire a pro who knows exactly how to get your carpet refreshed, fast and efficiently.

Customers satisfaction is must be fully guaranteed. But not only is the carpet cleaning price what we are looking for. Health and Safety and training is paramount too according to contractor accreditation.  Extensive list of carpet cleaning technicians can tackle various types of carpet damage like soiled, smeared and grimy floor coverings.

As an illustration, upkeeping volumes of your household dust at low levels is from significant importance too. All things considered, toxin-free environment reduces health hazards to all occupiers in every household. In addition, necessity of hiring professional carpet cleaners is recommended.

How Much Are Carpet Cleaning Prices In London ( 2023) Approximately?

The average cost and approximate carpet cleaning prices in London vary from £35 and £65 per room. The carpet cleaning cost is dependable on the type of carpet cleaning method, stain protection applied, property location and layout of the actual property.

Carpet cleaning prices are thoroughly explained in the table below. In addition average cost for different types of carpet cleaning jobs is usually formed per room. To have your carpet cleaned and at what cost, find out here in the inventory of carpet cleaning services for London:


Premises Type Hot Water Extraction With Stain Protection
Single Room £35.00 £45.00
Double Room £40.00 £56.00
Hallway £25.00 £44.00
Through Lounge £65.00 £82.00
Rug Small £25.00 £35.00
2 Seated Sofa £50.00 £70.00

Which Factors Form Carpet Cleaning Prices In London?

Carpet cleaning prices in London on average vary per room. It depends also on the cleaning method, stain protection, location and layout of the property. Every carpet cleaning company will take into consideration numerous factors. They are equally important before an accurate quote best carpet cleaning prices are provided to the client.

  • Size/type– house, cottage, block, studio or office?
  • Floors/stairs/ split level – the floors layout, one or more floors?
  • Cleaning method wet/dry – hot water extraction or other.
  • Stain protection included/not included – included or not?
  • Deodorizing carpet yes/no – do you prefer or not?
  • Location– the property location, ULEZ, CC charges and parking facilities


What Are The Average Carpet Cleaning Prices in UK ( 2023)?

Comparatively, check on the average carpet cleaning prices in UK. The average cost in UK to book a carpet cleaner is between £60 to £160. In addition we explain what is the minimum, maximum and median cost for the carpet cleaning prices in UK.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

UK National Minimum Price £50
UK National Maximum Price £160
UK National Average Price £110
An Average Carpet Cleaning Price Range £50 – £160

Where Can I Get Discounts on Carpet Cleaning Prices ?

Besides, there are many business out there to offer discounts on carpet cleaning prices. But it is the CCL Cleaners which stands out from the rest when it comes to carpet cleaning cost reduction. They do care about their clients, customer satisfaction and work ethic. All of their company carpet cleaners follow our COSHH, quality policy and customer care policy. When client can get a discounted carpet cleaning prices?

  • When you have booked multiple services.
  • When you are existent client.
  • When you are returning customer.
  • When company decide to offer free carpet clean to someone.

Conclusion: Carpet cleaning prices and discounts when you pre-book carpet cleaning service London as part of end of tenancy cleaning 2 bedroom flat

What is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

Carpet Cleaning Products

Carpet Cleaning Services Products

Certainly, best carpet cleaning method is Hot Water Extraction. Every professional technician will follow essential proceedings ensuring most methodical thorough carpet cleaning is carried out.

  • Starting with examination of the carpet fibre: Usually pre-treatment of carpets includes deep vacuum check, followed by applying professional fabric agent to existing soiling, smear or griming. It will take some time before the room is entirely prepared for the following extensive cleaning action.
  • Pre-treatment is essential for the final results: Pre -treating carpet is paramount to get rid of most stains and grime on carpet. The carpet cleaner will perform this task prior to start the actual deep carpet cleaning procedure
  • Latest high-end hot water extraction machine will deep clean carpet: The professional high-class carpet cleaning steamer sprays out a mixture of hot water and non-ionic carpet extraction detergent. The flow goes very deep into the fibres of the carpet. At the very same time, a very strong, powerful suction wand starting removing the damp from the carpet altogether with the displaced grime, dirt, dust and bacteria.
  • Repeating the deep carpet cleaning process: The actual carpet cleaning method is repeated if necessary a couple of more times for greater resus. After all this done carpet has a better smell and appearance.
  • Rinsing with clean water and deodorizing: A final thorough rinse to clear up traces of solvent and any soiling left behind. In addition a professional carpet cleaning deodoriser is applied for fresher smell.
  • Expected final results: This carpet cleaning method is real value for money. If you carpet hasn’t been cleaned recently, then you will be able to see significant difference in every part of the carpet which was touched by carpet cleaning wand.


* Note: The carpet cleaning machine powerful deep suction eliminates up to 85-95% of moisture from a freshly cleaned carpet. The professional carpet cleaning wand goes over again and again to suck up even the smallest drops of detergent. In addition to the clean to eliminate the dampness and accelerate the drying time of the carpet, the carpet cleaners use a new technology such as Powerful Air Mover. This new modern high-intensity fan will air-dry premises and the rest of dampness left. Inside the summer periods the use of such are not essential as the carpets dry’s out within 3 to 4 hours.


Which is Best Carpet Protector ?

ScotchGard Protection for Spills and Stains

The best carpet protector is ScotchGard. It is the most recommended option to safeguard carpets, rugs and upholstery. When gently applied over the fibre, the thin layer of solvent firmly interrupt smallest interaction of carpet fibres. The carpet protector also does helps reduce wear and tear and extends carpets life.

Why Best Carpet Protector is Rated Highly?

  • Scotchgard™ protection Is lenient to very special and delicate fabrics;
  • Scotchgard™ upkeep carpet fibres clean and refreshed;
  • Scotchgard™ helps carpets to appear natural;
  • Scotchgard™ avert soiling, griming and stains;
  • Scotchgard™ is cheap but effective product;

An additional £10 spent per room will  definitely extend the life span of your carpet.

Can I clean carpets by myself?

Carpet Cleaning Machine

How Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Machine

Wow, that is a good one. Theoretically you could give it a shot, but to be honest in reality, you should try to get the help of the professional carpet cleaners. Going further you might save some money on the way. After the recent inflation rise in UK, I think you probably not prepared to waste money?

But in case where you want to do it yourself, you can rent a regular carpet cleaning machine from retail stores. Then the actual carpet cleaning cost is calculated this way:

  • Renting carpet cleaning machine for around £35.00 to £50.00
  • Buy not really good or professional carpet cleaning detergents or shampoo for extra £15.00 – £20.00 .
  • You must have 2-3 free hours, first going to the shop get the equipment, deliver it to your property, then return back the equipment to the store.

Tips: So the amount of money you will spend will buy you the equipment and the doubtful cleaning agents, but cannot buy you the carpet cleaners experience.


Which Are The Rental Carpet Cleaning Machines Disadvantages ?

The rental carpet cleaning machines are waste of time and money. From our experience we tend to say that there is no way that a professional carpet cleaner can get replaced by a rental carpet cleaning machine. You will ask why? Here are 5 examples of why you don’t need to rent carpet cleaning machine.

#1. Rental steam carpet cleaning machines are not suitable.

For instance if you try to properly clean four rooms, oh man – it could take you the whole weekend. Rented steamers are usually square shape designed. They do not have no pipe or hose or even cleaning wand. So out of reach areas like corners, behind furniture, behind cupboards or under radiator are non-cleanable. Other tiny difficult spaces like corners, around bed, oval furniture etc. it is impossible and really hard to maneuver with.

#2. How you going to clean stairs or stairwell with square carpet cleaning machine?

No way, carpeted stairway will be big task as well.

#3. Carpet cleaning agents are of doubtful quality. 

#4. Rented carpet cleaning machines use a lot of water.

After you have done the carpet cleaning, you may face big challenge on how to dry carpet.  I bet the carpet will be way too damp. In addition the carpet fibre may become mouldy. Defo will contain mildew. Further complications will be under way.

#5 Waste of time.

Here is the experience we had recently. Our team had an end of tenancy cleaning lined up but no carpet cleaning service pre-booked. The tenants knew that the carpet has to be cleaned, but instead they went to nearby ASDA. Apparently they have returned “fully equipped”.

For more than an hour they couldn’t connect the hose pipes. No clean or dirty water connectors applied properly. Afterward, they couldn’t run the steamer ready. Aa a result they did ask our team to help and to make a run with the machine, Results were awful. On top of that the steamer had small unit which deemed to demand constant supply of cleaning detergent and frequent disposal of the dirty water, all this slowed down the whole process.

#6 Machine malfunction is very common.

Rented carpet cleaning machines are mostly booked and used from untrained individuals. This of course will increase the risks of carpet cleaning machine failure.