Luxury Property Cleaners: Taking Care of Most Expensive Penthouses, Bespoke Homes and Luxurious Apartments in London 

Our luxury property cleaners in London have carried out bespoke services in many properties. They are taking care of most amazing penthouse apartments based within fenced premises in St John’s Wood, NW8. The property is containing 3,400 square feet or 310 square meters of luxurious inhabitable space located over two floors, as well as 69 square meters of personal terraces and glorious attractive natural views over Central London.

The cleaning task was huge in the beginning. Delicate and time consuming, but our cleaning experts have done stunning job. After an exhausting day the entire property was spotlessly cleaned. Hyperion penthouse boasts a spacious entryway, grand drawing room with full height glazing opening out to the private terrace, fashionable dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, profuse guest cloakroom plus separate utility room and five extravagant bedroom suites with bespoke assembled wardrobes.

That is why our recommended London cleaners emphasised the importance of quality and had to take care of master bedroom suite and two further bedroom suites where each host access to a private spacious terrace.


The attention to detail was compulsory too for our credible operatives approach because of the extremely high specification of interiors in one of capital finest penthouses. Features include bespoke cabinetry, ornaments and other astonishing furniture. They have tackled every corner in the property with professional versatile clean clothing, accomplishing it easy by getting rid of light dust and filth from all tops and surfaces. When cleaners taking care of luxury they dampen the cloth to effectively wipe furniture with no need for extra harsh or powerful chemicals! Sam type cloth can also be used dry for dusting furniture, window sills, doors, pictures and other specific surfaces.

How Luxury Cleaning Services is Performed in Such Facilities ? 

Facilities within the complex include a medium size smart lobby, 24 hour security and concierge services, regular checks and secure private car park. The building is called itself Queens Court and there is another penthouse called Vertice located next to Hyperion both are luxury residential developments. The scheme consists of two floors and both are located respectively on the 6th and 7th floor of an accommodating development. Absolute stunning and breath-taking views with floor to ceiling glass front and supplied to the topmost aspects.
Kensington Audio Visual brief was to design a state of pure art AV and home automation system that would correspond with the prevailing taste of newly built penthouse. The technologies that have been integrated give its user an impeccable experience and an example of quality modern living.



The design and placements of the equipment take into great consideration how we manoeuvre’s or dwell in a space. Including echo, sound and temperature control, every meticulous technical or aesthetic detail has been seized into detail. That is why the beauty of integrated domestic technologies is in its operations in hind sight; it never interferes with its users visually but rather improves their quality of life.

Positioning of cutlery sets at the dining table

There are many optional alternatives when it comes to setting a dining table, but most importantly it has to be done by skilled professionals. F or a formal dinner that you may have expecting with friends or family the housekeeper follows few simple codes that help to organize an attractive dinner table. There are many options that you can link, add up some or exclude from the table setting. But first thing to do is to wipe down the room before any further organizing commences. What should be cleaned: internal and external windows, light dusting all the furniture inside and outside, all ornaments, figures, dining chairs vacuumed, dining table cleaned with Method’s glass cleaner using heavy duty linen scrim, floor wiped and polished.


The assembling on the photo is a reasonably vital and this is greatly simple to add to. Like I have mentioned above, the most influential thing for setting a formal dinner table is the circumstances or the moment. Choosing classic and contemporary collections is easy start to organize table linen, table roll, napkins, centerpiece, and dinnerware colors all those should be arrange around the type of dinner you are having. Remember always place napkins either on the dinner table to the left of the forks. The skills and knowledge, creation hints alone will help you prepare well balanced, graceful-looking dinner table.


Marble floors care, cleaning and maintenance

Some Hyperion penthouse floors are covered with marble. Super expensive flooring needs professional maintaining at all times. Use of bleached based chemicals is strongly forbidden because the marble itself have been derived from a natural particular stone, and having undergone further development while deep in the earth over the course of millions of years and can bring the stone to damage. Widely available in a variety of colours, marble is often used for its beautiful style and stunning appearance, but negativity is that it’s more porous, delicate, and chemically responsive than the other stone granite. Marble surfaces are prone to wear sooner than granite but with professional treatments like honing and polishing the previous glory and appearance can be restored.


The shiny and durable stone surface could be easily etched from acids even some innocent drinks including soft drinks and juices could produce big damage.  Marble inevitably absorbs oils and different liquids and is easily stained and contaminated. Changing a square meter of marble piece will cost well over of couple of thousand pounds. So putting marble in a bedroom or hallway is much better than to install it in kitchen or bathroom. That is why our team have not used any powerful detergents whilst treating floor. We had to leave this to the specialist flooring team. Marble polish is mainly used for marble care and it is a ready to use substance for luxurious floors of marble, granite and terrazzo. It is developed to be used with commercial metal made wool pads in a spray application process whilst utilizing rotary floor buffing machine.

Marble floors treatment and advice

Periodically, occupants of the house or apartment will create unwanted stains either on kitchen counter top or on marble floor. Not everyone have the time to carry out a quick wiping on those, don’t be careless, with a small effort you can help those stains to be removed before they are due set in. Experienced in how to treat marble and granite floors is absolutely decisive. Both stones are natural materials, if they lack appropriate attention they will get easily stained. So we could argue why you have chosen marble or granite flooring for your penthouse and we could have so many discussions. Both materials are absolutely marvellous, straightforward they transform any type of room – most dazzling appearance you could have in bathrooms, lobbies and corridors and they’re long-lasting.


When you realise that you have dropped for example a sugar based stains you could moisten a domestic sponge in not very hot water, and then slip on it few drops of washing up soap detergent. Lightly scrub the spot and the area around rinse nicely with clean water, at the end use a paper towel to dry is fast. And stains which have come out from food based (béchamel sauce, sauces with tomatoes or with olive oil), get to it fast with the domestic sponge dipped in the following solutions- hot soapy water mix with additional amount of hydrogen peroxide. After you rub then dump the stain, and instantly eliminate the excess water.  Repeat the agenda several times to a better accomplishment. As with all types of stains no matter where are they on upholstery, wooden decking, granite or marble flooring, we recommend fast interventions before the stain could set in and it is absorbed on your expensive floor. Remember don’t leave dry it.

How Carpet and Upholstery Care in Luxurious Properties is Done? 

Our professional operatives were in possession of powerful vacuum cleaner, but in case you don’t have one I am giving away very few simple ideas what and how to handle excess hair and mites on luxury delicate textile possessions. Simply you can buy a lint roller. You have probably have experienced that it is very difficult to tackle all those with an average dust hover which had no ability to handle this task and afterwards there is always left tiny particles of mite, crud, grains. And this problem is a general matter when trying to bring your upholstery textures in sufficient state and appearance. For this impediment the quick fix is to go shop and look for a lint roller. For those hairy stuffed areas than after you put some exertion just before you pick out all the hair particles and it’s almost done. Rely upon the texture on the carpet class, your time to get rid of unpleasant micro fragments will not exceed more than ten minutes apiece.


The other great hint to eliminate all those stubborn particles is to go find and buy a squeegee. Again the when vacuuming it is simply not good enough and so the lint rollers are because of the huge areas to clean purchasing the traditional squeegee is the best move you could have. For really tiny hair fragments this gadget will assist well use a long handle. This instrument might be defined for a different assignment, but its design is made to loosen and displace all those bonded fragments. Wet the squeegee get a tight grip and see how goes on by pulling it upwards and backwards. Repeat the manoeuvre several times and you will be amazed from the results. Then after continue the whole process until you are completely done with gathering of all hair particles.

External Window Cleaning In Luxury Penthouse 

Having all these remarkable views across London you will have only one thought in your mind to have constantly clean windows so you could enjoy every minute your eyes set on the beautiful surroundings. Everyone admire the appearance of recently washed sparkling windows but many of us are terrified of accepting it and do something about like having to cleansing them periodically. Wrong use of materials making the job tremendously difficult, bundles of paper towels, old dwindled newspapers, widely used window cleaner and a lot of elbow grease effort! The intense rubbing on the glass is an actual amateurish approach and a very poor idea, this action of yours not only escalate the problem so the dirt goes spreading around but this a main point to trigger a static charge to the window itself, as everybody is aware of that it is an absolute magnet for dirt and dust. Even cleaning them this seems to be not enough and windows will be murky very rapidly.


Our team was using a simple window squeegee with a long handle and specially made from detergents solution they have brought the all glass on terrace to sparkling clean and streak-free surfaces including the coffee tables. They were approachable and not difficult to reach, so no extension poles were needed. The most effective method is to clean them is to make the solution from washing up liquid up to five drops on about 5 gallons of water a touch of vinegar. Main point is that less soap you use less streaking will occur. Find a non abrasive household sponge absorb it in the water and start gently washing the window and its surface, you have to administer the sponge in every corner and every place where usually filth and dust accumulates. Once you have washed it thoroughly with the sponge next step is to get a bucket of clean water and dip the squeegee in there. Using the long handle start begin with it from the top corner.

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