End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist for Kitchen

Do you really need end of tenancy cleaning checklist? The right answer is, yes. First you will save tons of money. Do you want to know how much does end of tenancy cleaning cost? Cleaning the kitchen during end of tenancy cleaning is time consuming, also involves hard work. We make sure no corner is left untouched. Cleaners will get into small details and they will make sure to bring the kitchen appliances to their best appearance. This includes following end of tenancy kitchen cleaning tasks:

  • All cupboards are thoroughly cleaned inside/ outside.

  • Cleaners dispose of everything left in the cupboards. Leftovers, foods, packets containing foods, sugar, salt etc.

  • We do not compromise and we make sure the tiles underneath and around cupboards are professionally degreased, hand cleaned and professionally polished.

  • Oven cleaning internally and externally is performed professionally too.

  • Oven racks, plates, oven glass etc. is degreased.

  • Microwave professionally cleaned both sides including the tray, glass door etc.

  • Grease is removed easily by our specialty used cleaning detergents from any appliance.

  • Hob is degreased professionally

  • Extractor fan is thoroughly cleaned, flowed by grime removing and polishing.

  • Cleaning of the refrigerator inside and outside. Getting rid of food leftovers, mildew and grime.

  • Disinfect, by washing all work surfaces.

  • Clean down doors, top of doors, door knobs, light switches, windows and window sills.

  • Clean the skirting boards from dust, grease and spills.

  • Wipe down picture frames located in the kitchen.

  • Cleaning and polishing the sink, taps polished chrome where necessary.

  • Dishwasher cleaned from inside, check filter, check and remove limescale around the edges, clean the dishwasher from outside as well.

  • Check and cleaning all kitchen appliances like toaster, kettle, rubbish bin, vases, other kitchen ornaments etc.

  • All plastic or leather chairs must be wiped down and cleaned polished.

  • Wipe down the legs of the furniture dining table, chairs and other furniture.

Important: We require that customer defrost the refrigerator the day before the clean. This is to avoid delays and save time. Also, it is important to have an ice-free refrigerator on your check out inspection. Be advised that cutlery, plates, cups, glasses etc. and other appliances are washed and cleaned only if this is requested from the client and this is done in advance.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist Bathroom

Get help from our end of tenancy cleaning checklist bathroom. On the check out it is important to present the bathroom in immaculate state. This includes a major task of removing limescale. We do this by using professional cleaning detergents helping to get rid of almost all of the limescale.

  • All bathroom cabinets are cleaned inside and outside.

  • Glass on the cabinets are wiped down.

  • Toilet professionally decreased, cleaned and polished. Cleaners make sure toilet bowl is bleached and flushed down numerous times. Toilet sit is disinfected, washed and dried nicely.

  • Bath is cleaned internally, base or the panel of the bath is cleaned outside too.

  • Cleaners try to remove all of limescale.

  • Exterior mirrors cleaned and polished.

  • Shower glass de-scaled, dried and polished.

  • Shower head de-scaled too.

  • Wall are inspected and if painted spot wall cleaning is applied. If tiled cleaners clean, wash and disinfect all tiles.

  • Floor tiles, vinyl floors etc professionally disinfected, mopped and dried.

  • Carpet floors must be vacuumed or steam carpet cleaned.

  • Taps, chrome ornaments, basins must be cleaned, dried and polished.

  • Door, door knob and switches cleaned.

  • Skirting boards nicely cleaned.

Important: Despite we are specialising in end of tenancy cleaning for a very long time, there are sometimes instances where the limescale cannot be removed on 100%, this depends on age, nature and how the appliances were maintained during the years, Also of trying to protect these appliances from extensive scrubbing and degreasing, which can lead to damage. Please be advised that we cannot transformed aged furniture into brand new. But our cleaners will make every effort to bring back their immaculate appearance.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist Dining Room and Bedroom

Stick to our end of tenancy cleaning checklist for dining room& bedroom. Cleanliness of other parts of the property are also an important part at the checkout. They must be professionally cleaned too. Our cleaning teams make sure that top to bottom clean is performed without exception.

  • General dusting of furniture. This includes wardrobes, bed side tables, desks, night stands, beds, bed frames, cabinets etc.

  • All floors must be vacuum cleaned.

  • Vinyl, wooden, tiled floors must be washed and mopped.

  • We make sure to clean all light fittings, switches, banisters, pictures frames.

  • Dust radiators between and behind.

  • All property doors, door knobs, chairs and tables cleaned.

  • Soft furniture vacuum cleaned and cleaned underneath.

  • Soft furniture cushions lifted and vacuum cleaned.

  • Exterior mirrors and cabinets cleaned.

  • Lighting and chandeliers dusted.

  • Night stands and lamps dusted and nicely cleaned.

  • Walls checked and if necessary, spot cleaned, left free from marks and finger prints.

  • Top of the door frames dusted.

  • Windows internally cleaned, externally cleaned only if reachable from inside.

Important:  Overall you will need a end of tenancy cleaning checklist. Please be advised that our cleaners are experienced and they will make every effort to clean your property professionally. We want to advise clients that we cannot transform tired and old properties into brand new places. But we will make sure that the property is thoroughly cleaned. We can perform spot wall cleaning but not full wall cleaning, as the property might require professional painting. Heavily moulded ceilings, walls, furniture will be wiped but there is a possibility that not all the mould will go. Some windows frames might be rotten and then it is inevitable that paint will come off when cleaners go over with cloth. If you need the help from end of tenancy cleaning company, please get in touch!


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