Quality in Customer Care

CCL Cleaners goal is to provide the highest quality of service to existent and potential customers. We had set this standard of cleaning service and will review these from time to time to ensure they are up to date, relevant and effective based on our statement that the customer is the most important component of our business. We aim to set and deliver best service, regularly review and improve staff performances.

Our Goal

We do expect all of our employees to set very high standards of behaviour based on our aim and to provide service in a courteous, prompt and efficient manner. All of our operatives will be continuously encouraged to offer suggestions for improvement in customer service and CCL Cleaners will strive to implement these where reasonably possible. Staff will undergo trainings, briefings and audits (including refresher training) to enable them to fulfil the best possible customer service.


Where customers have special requirements, we will endeavour to provide our service in such a way that it accommodates these without reducing the already achieved level of customer service standards. In order to strike these objectives, CCL Cleaners will:

  • Answer all customers call and questions promptly.

  • Providing a friendly service, showing respect and sensitivity to our customers.

  • Follow ups on any complaint professionally and in timely manner.

  • Punctual for already made bookings with customers. Where a customer requires short notice of services we will try to accommodate.

  • Provide clear and abbreviated information about our variety of cleaning services in appropriate way to our customer’s.

  • We provide multiply access for receiving and dealing with complaints.

  • If a client is unhappy with the first response to their initial complaint, they can refer this to the Directors for consideration.

CCL Cleaners will try to return all phone calls or emails received from clients within short period of time. Where we fail to link up these criteria, we will inform you of this as soon as possible and agree a new time limit.