End of Tenancy Cleaning 2 Bedroom Flat: Latest Post Tenancy Cleaning Checklist, Best Prices in Town& Tips to Get Your Deposit Back!

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Our professional end of tenancy cleaning of 2 bedroom flat tenancy cleaners are ready 24/7. 

Firstly, end of tenancy cleaning of 2 Bedroom flat is very easily explained. Such task has to be completed from professional cleaning team. How the post tenancy clean Is defined? I would say, top to bottom clean. But to be more clear deep comprehensive scrub.

Secondly, it is important that you have your property checked from top cleaners, before or after your tenancy agreement ends. We aim to provide approved end of tenancy cleaning checklist. List of tasks are available and client disposal and explained. The full deep flat clean covers extensively all areas within property.

Furthermore, powerful active solvents and pro equipment are supplied by our cleaning company. Regardless of the location if you are in East London, West London, Bromley, Bexley, Greenwich or Canary Wharf we got it all covered. In addition, CCL Cleaners services stretching out of Greater London postcodes.

How Much End of Tenancy Cleaning of 2 Bedroom Does Cost?

How much end of tenancy cleaning of 2 bedroom flat cost? Before we answer, we need to take from client additional information. We take into consideration numerous factors. The median end of tenancy cleaning price for a 2 bedroom flat range somewhere from £180.00 to £250.00. As I previously said, it is important client to provide as much information as possible. The end of tenancy cleaning prices is provided either by:

  • Phone call
  • Feeling out an online form
  • Sending us an email

Asking about the size of the property, the condition, where the property is located in London is not uncommon. Another major factor is if clients’ needs professional steam carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or rug clean.

In addition, we try to offer a slot for the customer. This has to be best time and day suitable for client. Once the terms are formalised by email confirmation, our end of tenancy cleaning team will be assigned to come over and do the job. So, providing an accurate end of tenancy cleaning of 2 Bedroom flat prices is paramount for successful completion

How Long Takes to Perform End of Tenancy Cleaning 2 Bedroom Flat?

Finalising an end of tenancy cleaning of 2 Bedroom flat vary from 4-6 hours. Number of cleaners needed is 2 to 3 cleaners. Performing additional specialist services like carpet cleaning will prolong the service. If you wanted upholstery sofa cleaning done, yes it will increase the hours.

From our expertise, an experienced two team can perform end of tenancy cleaning of 2 bedroom flat within 4 hours. All this delivered to highest and expected cleaning standards


Latest End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist of 2 Bedroom Flat?

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist Specification for 2 Bedroom Flat:


End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist of 2 Bedroom Flat -Living room

  • Vacuum cleaning all surface floor
  • Dusting surfaced, paintwork and woodwork
  • Polishing where necessary
  • Living room fixtures professionally wiped, dusted and polished.
  • Internal windows will be cleaned
  • Internal windows polished where necessary.
  • Living room floor to be mopped, with disinfectant and anti-slip detergent solution
  • Spot wall cleaning if possible
  • Living room fittings dusted
  • Bins emptied, bag changes, bin washed internally and externally.
  • Door frames will be dusted
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Door handles wiped with disinfectant
  • Doors cleaned from marks and fingerprints

 End of tenancy Cleaning of 2 Bedroom Flat-Kitchen:

  • All kitchen cupboards generally cleaned
  • Surface and countertops will be wiped cleaned, polished internally and externally.
  • Top of kitchen cupboards will be wiped cleaned
  • Kitchen appliances like microwave, fridge, kettle, and dishwasher will be thoroughly cleaned
  • Professional degreasing of the oven
  • Degreasing hob
  • Degreasing the kitchen extractor
  • Degreasing from grease the oven racks
  • Worktops cleaned, sanitised and polished
  • Kitchen sink cleaned and polished
  • Kitchen sink descaled from limescale
  • All bright work will be polished to shine.
  • Hard floor mopped
  • Kitchen fixtures and fittings would be clean and dusted.
  •  Cobwebs removed
  • Washing machine cleaned, glass door wiped

Note:  Within our end of tenancy cleaning of 2 Bedroom flat price, there are many benefits. For starter, free deep oven cleaning. Followed by free hob cleaning& extractor cleaning. From time to time, we offer to some new and existent clients a discount for combined services.



End of Tenancy Cleaning of 2 Bedroom Flat -Bathroom Facility:

  • General cleaning of all surfaces
  • Descaling Bathtub
  • Descaling taps
  • Cleaning limescale shower fixtures
  • Areas around taps, waste and overflow outlets descaled and limescale scraped off
  • Shower glass door cleaned
  • Shower glass door polished
  • Tiled walls fully cleaned
  • Bathroom door cleaned both sides
  • Tiled floor scrubbed and mopped Limescale removing on chrome ornaments
  • Toilet fully cleaned
  • Toilet fully disinfected
  • Toilet seat wiped with disinfectants
  • Toilet bowl wiped cleaned
  • Area behind toilet wiped free from dust
  • Pipe behind toilet bowl cleaned
  • Wash basin will be descaled
  • Bathroom mirror thoroughly cleaned
  • Bathroom cabinets cleaned internally and externally
  • Bathroom garbage cleaned and emptied
  • Mirrors and other glass wiped streak free
  • Bathroom fans freed from dust and fluff
  • Bathroom ceiling cleaned from mould

Why You Need End of Tenancy Cleaning of 2Bedroom Flat?

The reason you need end of tenancy cleaning of 2 bedroom flat is that you will need your deposit back. But to have if back you will have to make sure that the property you leaving behind is professionally cleaned. To get the best end of tenancy cleaning price you must provide accurate information. Regardless of the cleanliness of the apartment we will do our best. Very similar to the end of tenancy cleaning of 1 bedroom flat.

But in worst case scenario we reserve the right to amend any price given prior the information provided defers from the actual size and condition of the property. If client is honest and all information is disclosed, our company provides total and final price.  No future or hidden cleaning costs. If you wish to book end of tenancy cleaning of 2 bedroom flat simply call 0203 137 6341 or fill within a minute our online form. Someone will get back to you shortly. All end of tenancy cleaning bookings is subject to availability.


How End of Tenancy Cleaning of 2 Bedroom Flat Will Help to Get my Deposit Back?

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Booking end of tenancy cleaning of 2 bedroom flat will help get your deposit back. Once your tenancy agreement comes near its end, you must call the professionals.

After that the property will be professionally assessed for any damages and state of cleanliness.

This will be done by landlords or inventory checkout specialist or company. After the initially booked deep cleaning session you must expect clean and tidy property.

It is paramount the entire apartment is fully deep cleaned. Highest cleaning standards are expected after post tenancy clean.

Getting your deposit back is not an easy and professional cleaning experience is must.

That’s why you will feel comfortable when CCL Cleaners gurus will make sure all is done properly. Booking us, will give you piece of mind, and you will have a high percentage to obtain your deposit back, no hassle.

Your letting agent or landlord will make sure you’ll get your deposit back if you:

  • meet all terms of your tenancy agreement
  • don’t make any damage the property
  • pay your rent and bills on time and fully
  • report any previous issues to them
  • leave fixtures and appliances in working condition

Remember: Signed contract means landlord or letting agent must place your deposit in the tenancy deposit scheme (TDP) within 30 days of getting it.


In Addition: Successfully getting your deposit back depending on many factors. One of the important ones is the overall condition of the entire property after the rental period finishes. Meaning that inventory check-out clerk will not only look if the property is professionally cleaned but how good the properties was kept. The inventory clerk will be looking at the kitchen appliances, the furniture, any broken items or elements. The wear and tear of furniture is included. But damages to carpets, cabinets, tables, chairs, sofas, frames, doors, paint etc. are reported.


Our Tips: Renting out a property is straightforward. Meaning that taking care of it during tenancy agreement is from significant importance. Keeping it clean during that period, fixing minor breaks, or fixing other minor problems, reporting bigger problems to your landlords or letting agents will be beneficial for all parties. Being in good terms with landlords will definitely help you get your deposit back. Most landlords are members of associations such as:  NRLA