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Residents and businesses in London Kensington are integral part of our cleaning company life. Whether they are private clients or large businesses, all of our services have been designed to help to maintain cleaner living and working environment. Our end of tenancy cleaning services also has gone through a massive change in the last few years. That’s why our cleaning company is now a stylish cleaning service provider for Kensington SW7. What we offer at CCL Cleaners:

  • Professional Cleaning Teams

  • Tenancy Clean is 100% Guaranteed

  • 1-2 Days Service Provided from Your Initial Call

  • Powerful equipment and best detergents used

  • Free Re- Clean if Needed.

What do we offer?

Need fresher and better environment in your home or to improve the working conditions for your employees in your office or just one of end of tenancy clean? CCL Cleaners can scrub, polish, care, help and advice generally on cleaning and maintenance related matters. We provide households and businesses in Kensington with maid, domestic and carpet cleaning service. Because CCL Cleaners is so rich in history, almost every service we provide in SW7 will reveal our enormous experience gained throughout the years. Cleaners and maids are mentored by accomplished professionals on special and efficient techniques, we work intensively to generate new clients and also to leave behind lively and freshly cleaned properties.

Competitive Prices for West End Customers

Setting the price of our product and cleaning service is based on: parking charges, congestion charging zone, materials, equipment and service. CCL Cleaners competitive pricing is used more often when selling end of tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning and this prising generally used separately.

At CCL Cleaners our cleaning prices are well outlined, we offer on the service list fixed rates that keeps it within your cleaning budget. Unlike many other cleaning firms in West London we do not determine our rates based on the time spent inside the property.  Alternatively, we sum our prices dependable on size of the residence exact number of rooms, receptions and toilet, bathrooms for treatment. Take a quick look at our fixed rates:

  •  Studio flat…………………………………. from £99.00
  • 1 bedroom 1 bathroom flat……….from £150.00
  • 2-bedroom 1 bathroom flat……….from £170.00
  • 3-bedroom 2 bathrooms flat………from £190.00
  • 4-bedroom 1 bathroom flat…………from £220.00

*Please note that steam carpet cleaning is charged separately, because is additional cleaning service and it is not involved in your end of tenancy cleaning package if not booked in advance. If you want us to take care of it, please make sure you notify our customer support than we will make sure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned.

**Our mobile cleaning teams need parking space for vehicles we transport our equipment and other stuff needed for the clean. If client can arrange one for us, this will be much appreciated. In scenario where parking is not available, we reserve the right to add additional charge to the final bill.

By entrusting us, you are guaranteed highest cleaning standard.

  • We offer numerous payment opportunities.

  • We supply cleaners with expertise.

  • We will provide service within 24 hours of your initial call.

  • We will be in touch with your landlords and set out and follow their precise requirements if needed.

  • We bring professional industrial-grade equipment and detergents that are not available in the corner shop.

  • Precisely tailored cleaning procedures for disinfecting and sanitizing the property.

  • We offer the service 7 days a week.

  • Fully covered with Insurance, Public and Liability policy.

  • Dedicated customer support.

  • Professional cleaning teams.

  • We will help you get your deposit back.

If you have plans to engage us with move-out clean sooner than later that’s is absolutely fine, we will make sure that to tailor suit the service for you. In scenario where client is well behind schedule plans or having other delays perhaps real estate people, landlord or property management company presses you for faster to vacate the property– please rest assured, we can assist with that as well. We tend to provide end of tenancy cleaning services within a working day of your call, emergencies are answered promptly too. Just call  0203 137 6341 to choose and book the most suitable day and time for our visit, and let us do the service for you!

When moving out of a rented place it’s a time-consuming, difficult and unpleasant task but it’s also time to think about getting your deposit back. You could protect yourself against your landlord with one simple step and that is to book CCL Cleaners end of tenancy cleaning service.

What Our Tenancy Cleaning Service Package Consist?

Once client book our cleaning services, our goa is to deliver a comprehensive, thorough deep cleans from top to bottom in your residence. Our cleaners will concentrate on high-traffic spaces and the items you use most in your day to day activities (like living room, dining-room, furniture or kitchen appliances). Clients must keep in mind that each property has its specific needs, our cleaning teams would usually execute following cleaning tasks:

Cleaning of the bathroom

  • Cleaning toilet bowl, toilet seat, around and behind.

  • Cleaning the bath tub.

  • Bathroom tiled walls cleaned and polished.

  • Floors, grouting scrubbed if necessary.

  • Floor cleaning, mopping and treated with anti-bacterialdetergents.

  • Comprehensive bathroom cleaning of all: cabinet units, shelves, drawers, sink, taps, mirrors, chrome ornaments, door, door knob, heating rail etc.

  • Cleaning and descaling, shower, shower glass.

Cleaning tasks in the kitchen

  • Kitchen appliances cleaning (microwave oven, toaster, etc.).

  • Cleaning, then polishing of all working surfaces.

  • Oven clean and degreasing.

  • Cleaning the fridge inside and out.

  • Cleaning of all kitchen cupboards, drawers, tables, chairs etc.

  • Cleaning and polishing sink and taps.

  • Removing limescale around taps.

  • Disposing of all foods, leftovers and beverages.

  • Spot wall cleaning around the area of the rubbish bin.

General dusting and cleaning in other rooms

  • General dusting in all other rooms including the hallway.

  • Internal window cleaning and polishing.

  • Thorough floor cleaning and vacuuming, mopping etc.

  • Dusting of all door tops, window sills any blinds.

  • Vacuum clean behind and underneath the furniture.

  • Vacuum cleaning sofa beds, bedroom mattresses and upholstered furniture.

  • Thorough cleaning wardrobes and its drawers.

  • Cleaning photo frames

  • Cleaning skirting boards.

  • Cleaning furniture and upholstery by vacuuming.


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