End of Tenancy Cleaning Wimbledon SW19

End of Tenancy Cleaning Wimbledon SW19

How we tailor our post tenancy cleaning service?

At our company we always endeavour end of tenancy cleaning fast and professional. CCL Cleaners supply mostly trained, efficient and respectable operatives throughout Wimbledon. So, if you moving out and you find yourself doing things you once vowed you would never commit again, than why don’t you give us a call, then sit back and relax.  We will take on any uphill task to sparkle your property, we will get rid of splatters, grime, grease, limescale and more. Our professional cleaning company will help you get your deposit swiftly back. How we tailor the service?

  • We take into consideration the size of the property.

  • The location of the property.

  • Number of additional bathrooms.

  • Number of blinds on windows

  • Area postcode.

  • If carpet cleaning required

  • The day and time clean need to be done

  • Access to the property

  • Parking availability and arrangements

Once we gather as much information as we can, then we will be able to offer an accurate price and try to fit customer within their budget.

Who do we serve?

Our end of tenancy cleaning is developed for tenants who are moving out of a property and professional landlords. Too often we are also booked by property management companies. CCL Cleaners provide Wimbledon SW19 residents and business sector unreservedly with cleaning services which fully meets the statutory requirements. We follow and stick to the check-out requirement and standards of landlords and Real Estate. We have the ability to undertake any type of clean big, medium or small and we don’t have the word impossible in our dictionary.

  • Tenants and Working Professionals

  • International Students

  • Short Term Tenants

  • Private Landlords

  • Property Management Company

  • Housing Associations

  • Companies Running Serviced Apartments

Any business is welcomed to book our services. For more information visit our website or call us on 0203 137 6341.

Cleaning Operatives with Experience

We can see if a task is likely to prove problematic and we will decide the number of cleaners to bring into the property. CCL Cleaners actively promotes and reinforces professional practices, references and trainings for its operatives, also we take appropriate actions to provide the best possible service for our clientele. Rest assured that every job we undertake, every service we provide in SW19 area it will be conducted under the circumstances stated in the checklists. Why don’t you try our carpet cleaning service in Wimbledon it is second to none? All of our carpet cleaners have an experience and training so they can perform excellent stain treatment, stain removal when taking care of upholstery, rugs or carpets. That’s why many of our services have become increasingly desirable over the last number of years in SW19.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

Of course, CCL Cleaners will follow client’s checklist. But by successfully completing hundreds of post tenancy cleans, we had the ability to design ours as follows:

Kitchen Area

  • Clean microwave

  • Clean fridge

  • Clean tiled walls

  • Clean oven, extractor, hob and oven racks

  • Clean skirting boards

  • Clean light switches, picture frames, doors, door sills

  • Clean walls from finger prints

  • Clean windows internally

  • Clean any cutlery inside cupboards


  • Clean toilet, toilet sit and sink

  • Clean bath tub

  • Clean shower, shower glass, shower head other chrome ornaments

  • Clean all cabinets, drawers and frames

  • Clean door, door handle, door sill

  • Clean skirting boards

  • Clean bathroom mirror

  • Clean rail heater

Other Rooms and Hallways

  • Clean wardrobes, furniture, drawers, night stands

  • Clean windows internally

  • Clean skirting boards

  • Clean photo frames, light switches, radiators

  • Clean night stand lamps

  • Clean underneath bed, furniture, bed frame

  • Clean under sofa, lift cushions clean under

  • Clean mirrors


Is oven clean is included in the price?

Yes, rest assured it is within the provided price.

Do you clean the windows internally free of charge?

Yes, internal window clean is included in the price, on top of that if we have easy access to the external windows, we will do it for you as well free of charge.

Do you clean the blinds?

Yes, we do. But in scenarios where there are more then 3 blinds in the property, we reserve the right to apply small charge.

How do you figure out the total price for the tenancy clean?

We take into consideration many factors, for an example postcode, number of bedrooms, number of additional bathrooms, number of windows etc.

Do I have to be at the property all the time, when the clean is underway?

No, not at all. Only request we need from customer is to provide access to the property.

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