AirBnB Cleaning & Holiday Rental Cleaning Services

If you are an Airbnb host, letting a professional cleaning company take care of all your Airbnb cleaning needs, is about more than just convenience.

COVID-19 has made a lot of travelers and Airbnb hosts re-think their priorities. As a traveler, cheap and cheerful Airbnb rentals are out, and ultra-clean rentals are in. At the same time, Airbnb hosts are now more acutely aware of virus transmission dangers when cleaning rental properties.


Why Hiring a Cleaning Company for Airbnb Cleaning Makes Sense

CCL Cleaners are a commercial and residential cleaning company, that has been serving London businesses and homeowners for over 15-years. Now in the wake of COVID-19, they are expanding into the lucrative Airbnb cleaning market.

As CCL Cleaners sees it, expansion into the Airbnb cleaning market has been something of a happy accident.

COVID-19 lockdown in the UK saw many businesses and homeowners start canceling already scheduled cleaning appointments. However, at the same time, Airbnb hosts began reaching out to make up for the shortfall.

  • Many London Airbnb hosts no longer feel comfortable cleaning up after Airbnb guests themselves.

  • Airbnb hosts know that by working with a professional cleaning company, accommodation can be cleaned and sanitized to a high standard.

  • Investing in a higher standard of Airbnb cleaning allows hosts to raise rates and attract higher-paying travelers.

How Does Contract Airbnb Cleaning Work?

At present, CCL Cleaners offer Airbnb cleaning as part of their standard end of tenancy cleaning services. Cleaning a studio or 1-bedroom apartment, therefore, costs Airbnb hosts between £90 and £160. However, hosts can save by opting out of steam cleaning of apartment carpets and upholstery.

  • Cleaning of ovens and fridges is included in all CCL Cleaners end of tenancy cleaning packages as standard.

  • Landlords or Airbnb hosts can provide to the cleaning teams with their own property cleaning checklists.

  • Cleaning bookings are available on short notice and always arrive fully-equipped to deep clean, disinfect and sanitize with antiviral detergents all property areas ready for new guest arrivals.

Is Investing in Professional Airbnb Cleaning Worth It?

As it stands, Airbnb hosts will always be able to make more profit on bookings by cleaning up after Airbnb guests themselves. However, Airbnb vacation rental hosts also need to factor in the time it takes to clean rental accommodation when guests checkout.

If you have a full-time job or manage several rental properties in London, you might not always have time to take care of cleaning. When rushing to freshen up after guests, it is also easy to fall into the habit of cutting corners.

Thankfully, working with a professional cleaning company can ensure that your property is always cleaned to the highest possible standard.

Are You a London Airbnb Host?

With the average cost of Airbnb accommodation coming in at £100 to £200 per night in London, guest stays of a week or more make professional cleaning more than worth the investment. This being the case, consider making your life easier by outsourcing your Airbnb cleaning chores to the professionals in this industry.