London’s Residential Block Cleaners: Keep Your Building Lobby’s, Corridors and Common Parts Clean When Hire Best Rated Block Cleaning Company!


Jet wash pressure washing

CCL Cleaners Jet Wash Team

When you hire residential block cleaners, you’ll have a piece of mind that your dwelling will be kept clean at all times. It is an important to get such help from a professional cleaning company. Completing all necessary tasks will be paramount for the final appearance of your building.

For that reason all of our cleaning teams will do, we call it ‘’top to bottom’’ block cleaning. This will be done on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Additionally all cleaning activities are directly followed up through our communal areas cleaning checklist.

Moreover, such type of contract communal cleaning usually covers most areas within the entire development. We are supplying all cleaning materials and equipment. Furthermore all of our cleaning crews are trained, briefed and experienced.

Even more, covering most of the London’s locations such as Chelsea, Greenwich, Stratford,  Canary Wharf, or Lewisham is easy. For our existent clients  we got it all covered.  Finally CCL Cleaners aim to provide coverage all Greater London postcodes areas.

How Much Does Residential Block Cleaners Cost?

Firstly, residential block cleaners are not hired per hour. Usually we are providing fixed price for the quoted job. Average residential block cleaning price list vary from £45.00 to £350.00 and depends on many important factors. The residential block cleaners prices are usually determined over phone call. It can be done over email with our client or a visual survey.

In contrast, our operators will be asking information needed to determine the actual size of the property, current condition, location of the property, if the development require urgent professional steam carpet cleaning, jet washing or else. Afterwards, we try to allocate a slot for our cleaners to start the cleaning visits. Once the terms are agreed our residential block cleaners will start maintaining your block cleanliness.

  • Pay monthly
  • Invoice monthly
  • Pay via BACS
  • Pay online

Residential Block Cleaners Price’s:

All of our cleaning price are subject to availability. Before we engage in trial period on annual contract agreement here you can see approximate residential block cleaners prices.

£40.00 for Residential Block Cleaners Price for a Small block 3-5 flats

£65.00 for Residential Block Cleaners Price for a Medium block 5-15 flats

£85.00 for Residential Block Cleaners Price for Large block 15-25 flats

Call for a quote for big developments of over 5o-150 flats or more.

All of our cleaning price are subject to availability. Before we engage in trial period on annual contract agreement here you can see approximate residential block cleaners prices.

How Often Residential Block Cleaners Will Clean My Building?

Firstly, we sending professional residential block cleaners. Going forward, to complete each task major factor is that they all have all necessary cleaning materials and equipment. And to finalise completely all requirements of a single block consisting of 5-10 flats usually takes between 1-2 hours, based on a team of 2 cleaners.

Also depending on the main activities booked from the property management company.

Furthermore if client booked annual carpet cleaning too the overall appearance of the block it will make a huge difference.

How to Book Residential Block Cleaners?

CCL Block Cleaning

CCL Cleaners Residential Block Cleaners

If you wish to book residential block cleaners please go ahead and call 0203 137 6341 or fill for less than a minute our online booking form. We will get in touch shortly. To figure out what will the best common areas cleaning price please provide accurate information about your building development.

As a professionally run business we reserve the right to change the price. Providing inaccurate info will defer from the initially given price. Once we gather all of the accurate information, we will be able to offer total and final price. With no future amendments to the cleaning costs. All bookings are subject to availability.

Checking also you property management company accreditations is paramount. Going further you can see if they are member of IREM, for peace of mind.

How Your Residential Block Cleaners Team Will Keep My Building Clean?

CCL Cleaners Window cleaning

CCL Cleaners Window Cleaning Team

So, once you hire our residential block cleaners, please give them time to know the building. Once familiarised with the environment, they will get on with the job on daily or weekly basis.

First impression is a paramount for visitors and also residents living inside the building. You can find more guide residential block cleaning management:

In the same way keeping them happy is important to us, and we have in place a ‘’zero’’ complaint policy. Furthermore all of our teams will make sure to do their best, keep, clean and maintain. Basic chores will be done fast, and other needing significant specialists treatment will follow up.

This way habitants inside the development will  be more relaxed and comfortable. Paying service charges is most hated thing, but at the end when you walked into a nicely clean and refreshed lobby, you will think otherwise.

For instance our block cleaning company will make sure to maintain clean premises by:

  • Sticking to the agreed communal areas cleaning checklist
  • Following Health@ Safety Procedures
  • Adhere to the company Quality Policy
  • Train and brief cleaning operatives
  • Prompt follow ups
  • Take Proactive actions to help maintain clean premises

Once we agree on a contract, with property management company, freeholder, landlord or letting agent, all works will begin immediately. And to find out how to find best property managers you can go here to read full article.

What is Residential Block Cleaning Checklist ?

CCL Cleaners

CCL Cleaners block cleaning team

Our residential block cleaners checklist is a tailor made extensive list. It is a guide of step by step procedures.  All cleaning task are done over our method statement. This has to be followed so the actual cleaning meet and exceed the agreed cleaning standards.

CCL Cleaners have drawn their own checklist which fully complies with clients requirements. Here is simple an example of what our cleaners do to meet that criteria like :

1.Residential Block Cleaners Hallway Cleaning Checklist

  • Vacuum cleaning floor surfaces.
  • Doors to cleaned, dusted and polishes where necessary.
  • Residential block fixtures wiped, dusted and polished.
  • Internal windows cleaned and polished where necessary.
  • Vinyl, wooden, tiled floors to be mopped, using anti-slip detergent agent
  • Remove cobwebs on high levels
  • Spot wall cleaning from marks and finger prints
  • Clean wipe light switches
  • Internal doors wiped
  • Hallways picture frames wiped and polished
  • Skirting-boards wiped clean
  • Doors surfaces clean from dirt and finger prints

2.Residential Block Cleaners Staircase Cleaning Checklist

  • Staircase wooden or metal ornaments wiped cleaned.
  • Top of doors wiped from dust.
  • Landings windows wipe and clean.
  • Fire appliances wiped.
  • Vacuum clean staircase.
  • Sweep hardwood floors, landings or small corridors.
  • Cleaning and banister.
  • Polishing handrail banister.
  • Wipe clean kick plates.
  • Replace light bulbs.
  • Remove any rubbish bags left.
  • Mop staircase where necessary.
  • Check and sweep once a month fire escape staircase.
  • Wipe down all emergency and evacuation signs.
  • Clean fire point and fire extinguishers.
  • Wipe any glass panels along the staircase.
  • Dust all staircase surfaces.
  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Air fresh the staircase.

Note:  Our residential block cleaners checklist includes many more tasks. All of our cleaners going an extra mile and some additional tasks will be done free. Unlike other big size cleaning companies our client can always receive the same or even bigger benefits compare to them.

3.Residential Block Cleaners Lobby Cleaning Checklist:

  • Cleaning lobby surfaces.
  • Wipe tables, countertops and reception desk.
  • Vacuum clean all carpeted floors.
  • Sweep all hardwood or vinyl floors.
  • Cleaning light fixtures.
  • Mop floors where necessary.
  • Use deodoriser to fresh up the reception area.
  • Wipe down internally and externally entry door.
  • Vacuum clean door mat.
  • Wipe all skirting boards.
  • Polish brass panel.
  • Cleaning public toilet.
  • Toilet seat wiped and disinfected.
  • Toilet bowl wiped cleaned.
  • Area behind toilet wiped free from dust.
  • Wash basin.
  • Basin will  be descaled.
  • Areas around taps, waste and overflow outlets descaled and limescale stripped off.
  • Shower glass door cleaned and polished.
  • Toilet walls fully wiped.
  • Bathroom door cleaned 2 sides
  • Tiled floor scrubbed.
  • Tiled floor mopped.
  • Lobby cabinets cleaned internally and externally
  • Reception desk waste bins would be emptied.
  • Mirrors and other glass wiped streak free.
  • Extractor fans freed from dust and fluff.
  • Cobweb cleaned from ceiling, corners and other hidden areas.


4.Residential Block Cleaners Lift Cleaning Checklist:

  • Lift surfaces wiped.
  • Lift mirror wiped down.
  • Lift floor vacuum cleaned.
  • Lift panels polished with stainless steel polish internally.
  • Lift door polished with stainless steel polish externally.
  • Panel buttons wiped and disinfected.
  • Wipe light fixtures.
  • Deodorise lift
  • Photo frames wiped and polished
  • Lift floor mopped if necessary

5.Residential Block Cleaners Bin Store Cleaning Checklist:

  • Bin store door wiped.
  • Bin store floor swept.
  • Bin store floor mopped.
  • Pick any rubbish left on floors.
  • Clean bins store cobwebs.
  • Sanitise bin store with disinfectant once a month.
  • Bins rearranged.
  • Bins taken out for collection where necessary.
  • Front area of bin store washed.
  • Report pest control problems to property management company.
  • Litter pick around bins store.
  • Close and secure bin store doors.
  • Deodorise bin store.

 6.Residential Block Cleaners Car Park Cleaning Checklist:

  • Car park area litter pick.
  • Sweep leaves accumulations.
  • Periodical jet wash cleaning.
  • Spray with anti-vegetation agents.
  • Report car park light bulb faults.
  • Report any problems to property management company.
  • Clean cobwebs on car park door.
  • Wipe down car park door.


Please Note: Hiring good residential block cleaners is not very easy. Before you do that, always check company reviews. Preferably, best thing to do is to hire block cleaning company throughout recommendation. Of course this isn’t easy as well. Further to that you can always ask questions. Good company will respond in timely manner.

They will follow up promptly any complaints. Besides they will go extra mile for their client. We strongly recommend using a family run cleaning company for full satisfaction. Such business doesn’t use outside contractors, they don’t outsource jobs to a third parties. Your block cleanliness depends only on your choice.

If you book a good one you will be happy to have them around. CCL Cleaners strongly advise its potential clientele: we never drop client, furthermore we retain big customer base, that’s including many property management companies. Contact us if you wish to book residential block cleaners.

Our Tips: When booking residential block cleaners, make sure they got it covered for you all. All specialist cleaning services in one stop shop. Because whenever you need a window cleaning, pressure washing, carpet cleaning, deep cleaning or one-off cleaning CCL Cleaners can help with all. `