Clients are booking our cleaning services with an enthusiasm not seen in years, a contemplation of the quality and convenience. We improving jobs in every aspect we execute on demand — as an independent cleaning provider. The substantial appreciation of our domestic cleaners has categorically gotten higher with a great number of new clients and the all-inclusive stability of the service we offer. Every task is carried out with intensity and quality that is why landlords, letting agents and tenants still consider shopping from us. Domestic cleaning selling absolutely delivered a lot of assurance for our company. CCL Cleaners devoted approximately 9 years on the house cleaning market trying to regroup and offer better and more accomplished service.

Adjacent to that we have started several original assistances with substantial commercial prospects.

  • We have tailored to perfection communal area cleaning.
  • We offer bespoke office cleaning service.
  • Office carpet cleaning for London business offices.
  • One-off cleaning for retail businesses and after event cleaning.
  • We have got contracted to few building developers and we have assisted them with professional after builders cleaning.


There were services upon services, and while some were more harmonized than others, the point was that we infuse quality and high standard, which made us combining parts out of each context accordingly our tactfulness among customers. That is why CCL Cleaners consider continuous improvement.