Best House Cleaning Service in London: How to Find , Book and Use 

It’s easy when you decide to hire best house cleaning service. The most difficult part is to decide which cleaning service to hire.

In today’s world there are many cleaning companies out there. The barriers to start one are very slim to none.

Which is what making choosing the right cleaning service an uphill task.

However I know numerous factors that can help make more comprehensible for the resolution-making approach.

But let’s start out from the beginning.


Know Your Aims and Expectations

Every firm is different, as is every house cleaning service.

Cleaning companies usually specialize in two or three sectors. And while many of them are main-service they tend to choose jobs within their speciality.

So the opening move choosing the right house cleaning service is understanding your goals and what you expect to receive  as a service.

And when the company knows what are you looking for they know whether they can literally assist you without squandering anyone’s time.

Example #1 A company that answer short notice bookings.

Take it this way. You need a cleaner urgently. You ultimately wish the company to send out one tomorrow.

  • Can Fit You In – they have a plan and they have a cleaner available next day.

  • Set Standards – high quality and high standards deliverable to client.

  • Final outcome- 100% clients satisfaction.

Example #2 – Familiarising the cleaner with your property.

Maybe you’re interested in showing your new cleaner around house, explain how to do it or where to start from. You also wish to point fastest way through the cleaning process.

  • Can accommodate: an experienced maid virtually will understand everything you pointing out to her.

  • Aim: always communicate with the new cleaner

  • End result: superbly executed tasks and the know-how required to complete all cleaning to perfection.

Now, you can acutely search for best cleaning company in town which is willing to provide you with professional service. But because you are aware of what you want, you can discover the relevant fit for you.

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6 Characteristic That Makes a Best House Cleaning Service

Did you get it ,with the best house cleaning service? Now you understand  your aims and expected results are. So, it’s time to discuss about what makes excellent cleaning services… great.

So, focus on following characteristics as you go through the initial process of deciding who you want to work with. They’ll assist you vet out high-end cleaning service providers from those who boost they’re the top ones without having leverage to back it up.

Let’s take the plunge!

  1. Best House Cleaning Service has  extensive portfolio and/or list of current customers.

Leading cleaning companies are proud of who they work with and the work they provide. Furthermore, they consistently display their partnerships for the potential clients to see.

You don’t necessarily have to know who their ex clients are (it’s plus if you do). But if you can’t see a list of previous customer or obtain references of their work, that may mean they haven’t served many people.

This is understanding  if you have a tight budget. But it’s not really okay if you’re want to consider the best of the best.

That said, some types of services aren’t easy to display on their websites, like communal area cleaning and pressure washing services.

But an essential client list is an excellent indication of their expertise..

Tip-: with services like carpet cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning, you should see in What We Do section type of work they provide. If you can’t find any examples, move on to a different service provider with a bigger portfolio that matches your expectations.

  1. Best House Cleaning Services provides experienced cleaning operatives

Regardless of the type of services you’re after, it’s significant to make certain that the agency you booking has the designed cleaning teams to suit your requirements.

For example, you wouldn’t hire someone to clean your carpet if they don’t have a trained NCCA operative.

Check out their Facebook page to see if they have any mention of this type of work, clicking on their LinkedIn profile  is also a great place to double check.

Tip: This is an excellent way to start. Never less or more you can always ask additional questions before your first booking if you aren’t sure.

  1. Best House Cleaning Service is active on Social media

Customer reviews like testimonials and previous client feedbacks, can provide you deep insight into what working with that cleaning company is like. Besides excellent reviews, negative or neutral reviews can also shine a light on territory that the company spar with to get a clear comprehending of their activities.

  1. Best House Cleaning Services has core values 

Take a moment to look at yours core values.

Why is that? Because it’s condemnatory to work with a house cleaning services that values the same things and operates in a similar zone.

If not, turn to different company that feels like a preferable fit.

  1. Best House Cleaning Service is well-designed

London’s top cleaning businesses understand the importance  of a professional cleaning service. So, if they’re not executing rightly already made bookings nicely, why would you expect them to offer something greater for you?

So, carefully look through their website  and speak to their customer relation team and most importantly listen to your gut.

If it doesn’t sound the right match or appears to hire a freelance cleaner or low-quality, you’re better off taking your sight on to a company that values good service and delivering exceptional client experience.

  1. Best House Cleaning Service is easy to get in touch with

The best cleaning services make it very simple as for potential clients to get in touch with them.

Navigating through their main website shouldn’t feel like a complex task.

In a perfect way, their contact information isn’t more than one click away regardless of what page you’re on. And they provide a clear route to act so you know exactly what to do next.

Furthermore, your first step should be simple and very clear. Do they wish you to schedule a initial consultation? Perhaps you might need to fill out a form.

If it isn’t obvious or you’re putting a fight to understand how things function , think about selecting choosing a cleaning company that simplifies the process.

Woman cleaning surfaces with different cleaning spray

How to Work with Best House Cleaning Service

There are numerous things you can do as a customer to maximize your expectations and get the most out of your partnership with the house cleaning company.

By doing these important things, you will get help to set the arena for effective and victorious collaboration.

Do your homework

It’s essential to have everyone on the same page.

If you owe the agency anything, be certain to spend time on it and do it excellent. They need as much information as possible and demand to learn the ins and outs of your requirements, and this is your chance to explain correctly.

Understand the scope, process, and timeline

Before the cleaning starts, make sure you both agree on the scope and timeline before ever moving forward.

Furthermore, most companies go through these four phases:

  • Booking taken

  • Project planned

  • Task executed

  • Expected results and quality

Best House Cleaning Service clearly point out the details of each task you want executed with your assigned manager so everything is crystal clear before any job begins.

Be ready to forfeit control

It’s paramount to remember that the cleaning you booked is one of the best at what it does, and you instructed them for a specific reason — their initial expertise.

This means giving them absolute control over certain aspects, let them do what they do best. It’s prime to pay attention to what they say.

If they have a grounds for making things a certain way, pinch yourself because they’re the experts you hired.

Always try keeping an open mind.

Always ask questions

If you’ve never worked with cleaning company before, you will catch sight of new things and experiences.

It is acceptable and normal if you don’t understand everything that’s happening at the moment. The principal thing to do is interrogate questions.

How to Find the Best House Cleaning Service for You

There are countless “we can do everything” best house cleaning service or other similar cleaning companies offering every type of service on the planet. Which… sounds fantastic, but I don’t recommend using them.

Why is that? It makes more sense when you think about other businesses or industries.

Example #1: Would you rather hire a freelance contractor or a custom porch professional to build a custom-install a back decking for your house? I believe you will choose the specialist, right?

Example #2: Who do you see when you have some medical issues that need close look up? An experienced specialist for that particular problem. Or you get referred to one by your general practitioner.

The best cleaning services excel at one or two niches with their add-on services being offered as secondary alternative to client.

So, choose the right one, a niched  company specializing in the types of services you’re after to get the best possible service and value for your money

The 3 Best House Cleaning Services in London

Now you know what to look for and how to choose the best house cleaning services for your home. To help you get rolling, these are my top London cleaners and recommendations for different types of services.

  1. CCL Cleaners — Best “do it all” cleaning company.

We have spent much of our career services in carpet cleaning, end of tenancy  and communal block cleaning but online marketing has gotten extremely competitive. When we started building our business, CCL Cleaners, I knew I’d have to grow a team that would be top-class across every major sector. And that’s what we built.

  1. Canary Wharf Cleaners— Best for end of tenancy cleaning in Canary Wharf.

Canary Wharf Cleaners specializes in helping residents and businesses of all sizes to have a professional tenancy cleaning performed.

They go the extra mile by cleaning Canary Wharf area properties and help tenants to get their deposit back or landlords to have their properties ready for new tenants to move in.

They also help tailor and provide long-term experiences that otherwise wouldn’t be possible nowadays.

  1. Carpet Cleaning Services London — Best for carpet cleaning services.

From cleaning carpets, rugs, and upholstery to full-scale stain removal services, carpet cleaners Canary Wharf is a go-to expert for all stain problems.

Their team specializes in stain treatment, stain removal, Scotch Guard Protection and deep carpet cleaning so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing your carpeted flooring or upholstery furniture cleanings aligns with today’s best practices.

The Best House Cleaning Service is Piece of Mind for You

Every task, big or small, deserves the utmost attention of the best house cleaning service the true industry expert. However, choosing the right cleaners often feels tiresome and overwhelming.

With tens of thousands of cleaning services across London to choose from, that’s no surprise at all.

But after all those I have explained above, you know now what to search for, what to avoid, and how to prepare yourself. Use the tips and characteristics we talked about next time you’re on the hunt for a niched cleaning company ready to transform your home in pristine place.

What do you consider before hiring a house cleaning service? 


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