End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist: How to Get Your Deposit Back, Step By Step Guide to Please Landlords And Letting Agents.

How to find the ultimate end of tenancy cleaning checklist when moving out? Do London cleaners guide when you needed the most?

The most uphill task is to screen which cleaning company checklist to follow.

Nowadays there are many house cleaning services out there. The difficult thing is to understand which one is professional.

This is what makes choosing the right one a strenuous act.

However, I will suggest few points to look for, when trying to find the most comprehensible resolution-making an end of tenancy cleaning checklist.

But let’s make a starting point here.

End of tenancy cleaning

How to Tick End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist Tasks ? 

Every end of tenancy cleaning checklist when moving out is different, as is every tenancy cleaning service.

The vast majority of the cleaners in London usually specialize in two to maximum of three sectors. And while many of them are main-service they tend to pick up jobs within their specialty.

So, the first step to make is choosing the right end of tenancy cleaning company. You must understand your expectations and what you wish to receive as a service.

And when the company is professional, they will know what are you looking for. They will literally assist you smoothly without squandering anyone’s time, because they have designed an ultimate cleaning checklist.

Example #1 You need 100% top cleaners. Professionally run businesses that answers short notice bookings, depending on their availability.

Take it this way. You require a move out clean urgently. You ultimately wish the company to send out the tenancy cleaning team tomorrow.

The end of tenancy cleaning checklist will concentrate on:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Hallway
  • Reception
  • Balcony
  • Will Accommodate – they have been there many times, they have a cleaner on standby, available next day.

  • Standards and Expectations–your aim is to get your deposit back.

  • Final outcome-You are happy, you got your deposit without fuss.

Example #2 – You are planning to do the clean yourself.

Maybe you’re interested in doing the end of tenancy clean all by yourself. You know your house well, maybe you know how to do it or where to start from. You also wish to point the fastest way through the cleaning process, but you missing one thing- the cleaning checklist from your landlord.

  • It is time-consuming: an experienced maid virtually will clean out the place in no time, but for you everything is much more difficult, as you don’t have experience.

  • Aim: try your best to give a good scrub to the entire property

  • End result: the superbly executed job will bring to you two things- peace of mind and your rental deposit back into your bank account.

Now, you have a dilemma about which way you are willing to go. I have no doubt that when you are aware of what your goals are, you can find the relevant answer for you.

6 Characteristic for Ultimate End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist When Moving Out

Now you understand your aims and expected results so far. So, it’s time to talk about what makes an exceptional cleaning checklist… great.

You have to stay alert on the following characteristics as you go through the initial process of deciding which task is suitable and you want to perform. The landlord’s list will give a hint on the most common tasks you have to follow.

But you can always ask for one from the end of a tenancy cleaning company who will perform the clean for you. Some companies don’t have it in the file and boost they’re the top ones without having leverage to back it up. So be careful.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Professional move out services

They are proud of who they work with and the service they provide. Furthermore, they consistently display their current partnerships for potential clients to see.

A lot of customer reviews on their website will mean that they get booked often. But if you can’t see a list of previous customers to obtain references for their work, that may mean they haven’t served many customers.

It is clear to me if you have a tight budget. But it’s not fancy if you’re want to try the top of the top.

But an extensive client list is a great indicator of their professional domestic cleaning services and the expertise their housekeepers in London have.

Tip-: with services like carpet or upholstery cleaning combined with end of tenancy cleaning, you should see in the ”What We Do” section the type of work they offer. If you can’t trace substantial information, move on to another cleaning service provider with a much wider portfolio that ticks your desired outcomes.

  1. Experienced tenancy cleaning teams

Regardless of when you need the service, it’s significant to make certain that the agency you hire has the designed tenancy cleaning teams to suit your demands.

For example, you wouldn’t book a company to steam clean your carpets or upholstery if they don’t have a trained NCCA carpet cleaner.

Check out their Social Media Accounts like Twitter or Facebook page. Find out if they have any mention of this type of work, clicking on their YouTube link is also a fantastic idea to double-check.

Tip: This is probably the best way to start. Never less or more you can always bring additional questions to the table before your hire if you aren’t sure.

  1. Social media is a good proof of their reputation

Client’s feedback, Google reviews like testimonials from ex-clients will offer you wider insight into what it’s like to work with such a cleaning company. Negative or neutral reviews can also shine the torch on territory that the company spar with to get a clear comprehension of their activities, regardless of their positive feedbacks.

  1. Principal values of the business

Take a moment to look at your core values.

Why is that? Because it’s condemnatory to work with an end of tenancy cleaning service that values the same things. They take care of its customers, helps them to get their deposit back, and operate in similar surroundings.

If you dislike it, turn your head to a different company that feels like a preferable match.

  1. A well-tailored cleaning service

London’s top cleaning companies understand the importance of a professional service. So, if they’re not executing jobs precisely, why would you expect them to offer something better for your property?

So, carefully search through their website and speak to their customer services but most importantly stick to your gut feelings.

If it doesn’t sound the right match or appears to hire a sub-contractor cleaner of low-quality. You’re better off taking your sight on to a company that conducts and value great service and delivering amazing customer care.

  1. Easy to get in touch with at anytime

The professionally conducted business makes it very straightforward for likely customers to get in touch with them.

Navigating through their main website shouldn’t be a composite task as well.

In a superb scenario, their contact information isn’t more than a basic click away regardless of what page you are at. And they provide simple instructions to act so you know exactly what is your next click.

Additionally, your first move should be straightforward and very direct. Do they wish you to take your details like email or to ask for your phone number perhaps they what initial consultation? Alternatively, you might need to fill out an exhausting form.

If it isn’t obvious or you’re putting a fight and you find it dicycle to understand how things work, think of selecting a cleaning company that simplifies preferably the whole process.

How to Work Out End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

There are many things you can do as a possible client to maximize your prospects and acquire the most out of your collaboration with the house cleaning company.

By exciting these cardinal steps, you will obtain help to set the arena for effective and victorious cooperation.

See off your homework

It’s of significant importance to have everyone on the same page.

If you owe the agency anything, make sure and explain your needs. Their company require as much information as possible and demand to learn the ins and outs of your requirements, and this is your only way to explain it accurately.

Understand the scope of work, the whole process, and turnaround time for completion.

Before any clean began, make certain you both on the same page on the scope and deadlines before ever going ahead.

Furthermore, many businesses go through these four simple phases:

  • Booking made
  • Job is pre-planned
  • Clean is executed
  • Great Expected Results

Clearly ask them to adhere to your landlord cleaning checklist of If you don’t have one ask them each task you want executed precisely, respectively following their cleaning list.

Be alert to forfeit initiative

It’s an important to know that the cleaning company you hired is one of the best at what it does, and you instructed them for a specific reason — their utmost experience.

This means transferring them the ultimate control over certain aspects, let them do what they do best. It’s prime to pay attention to what they want to do or say.

Always try keeping an open mind.

Ask questions at a glance

If you’ve never collaborated with the professional company before, you will catch sight of new things, experience and feel new things.

It is acceptable but typical if you don’t comprehend everything that’s happening at the moment. The main thing to do adhere to is to keep quizzing.

Approved End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

There are innumerable “we can do everything” cleaning checklists from different companies offering every type of service on the market. Which… sounds fantastic. But here is the most recommended end of tenancy cleaning checklist designed for tenants.

How comes? It makes more sense when you think that a company with a profound experience like ours has designed the ultimate cleaning checklist.

#1 Kitchen& Appliances Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning of the entire kitchen during the end of tenancy cleaning is painstaking, and most of the time is accompanied by strenuous work. But our cleaners will make certain no corner is left uncleaned.

Operatives will check the smallest details and they will try to carry out the best possible clean. They will do a lot for kitchen appliances like oven, oven grills, extractor fan, refrigerator to their best appearance. The kitchen clean incorporates the following end of tenancy cleaning checklist:

  • Cupboards checked and cleaned inside/ outside
  • Remove any leftover tins, foods, etc. left in the cupboards
  • Make sure the wall tiles underneath and around kitchen cupboards is professionally degreased, hand cleaned, and nicely polished
  • Deep oven cleaning internally and externally
  • Oven racks, inside wall and oven glass etc. is degreased
  • Microwave clean both sides including the tray, glass door etc.
  • Degrease hob
  • Extractor fan clean, remove grease and polish
  • Refrigerator cleaning inside and outside. Eliminate of food left behind, spillages, grease, mildew and grime
  • Disinfect all work kitchen surfaces.
  • Clean of doors, door frames, doorknobs, light switches, blinds, picture frames, windows, and window sills.
  • Clean skirting boards get rid of dust, food splashes, grease and spills.
  • Wipe down plus polish picture frames
  • Clean and polish the kitchen sink, polish tap and chrome ornaments if necessary.
  • Clean dishwasher inside, must check the filter, double-check and get rid of limescale around the edges, wipe the exterior as well
  • Check and clean all of the kitchen appliances like the kettle, rubbish bin, toaster, coffee maker, radiators, vases, other kitchen home appliances, etc.
  • All plastic or leather chairs must be wiped down and cleaned polished including legs of the chairs and kitchen table
  • Vacuum clean kitchen floor, scrub if necessary
  • Mop kitchen floor

Tip: You must defrost the refrigerator the day before. This is to make your job easier and time without any delays. Checkout inspection requires an ice-free refrigerator. So, to pass on and not sabotage the cleaning checklist, do not forget to defrost.

# 2 Bathroom, Bath and Toilet Cleaning Checklist

When vacating of a property is on, the checkout representative expects to find a presentable bathroom. The hardest task is to eliminate limescale but when using professional cleaning detergents, you will find this task very easier to accomplish.

  • Clean bathroom cabinets from inside and outside.
  • Wipe down Glass on the cabinets if any
  • Clean and sanitize toilet and toilet seat
  • You may need to leave the toilet bowl to soak up in bleach for 30 minutes to fight of heavy limescale or residue.
  • Flush down few times.
  • Toilet sit is disinfected, washed and dried nicely outside
  • Cleaned internally bathtub,
  • Clean base or the panel of the bath too
  • Remove all limescale deposits
  • Clean exterior mirrors
  • De-scaled shower glass door, shower screen etc
  • De-scale shower head, do not use scourer though
  • Inspect bathrooms walls and clean for fingerprints, marks, etc.
  • Clean, scrub and wash, disinfect all tiles.
  • Clean tile or vinyl floor, vinyl floors
  • Mop and dry floors
  • Steam clean carpet floors
  • De-scale taps, chrome ornaments, basins must be clean, dry and polish
  • Clean door, door frame, doorknob, and light fixtures
  • Wipe down skirting boards
  • Wipe down ventilator from dust and cobwebs

Tip: During the end of tenancy cleaning, there are sometimes instances where the hard deposits of limescale cannot be removed fully. This doesn’t need to trouble you. It depends on age, nature, and how the bathroom amenities were kept in recent years. You can make a point of that to the checkout person. Sometimes homeowners try to protect such appliances from extensive scrubbing and degreasing, but this can lead to damage too aka. heavy limescale deposits.

#3 Dining Room, Bedroom, Corridors, Storage Rooms Cleaning Checklist

Cleanliness of other rooms of premises are also paramount for successful checkout. They have to be professionally cleaned too. Make certain that top to bottom clean is done to the smallest detail without exception.

  • General dusting of furniture throughout the property. This includes all wardrobes, bedside tables, cabinets, desks, nightstands, beds, bed frames, skirting boards, etc.
  • Clean up cobwebs
  • Vacuum clean floors
  • Wash and mop vinyl, wooden, tiled floors
  • Make sure to clean all light fittings, light switches, banisters, photo and pictures frames
  • Clean down radiators between, behind and underneath
  • Clean and wipe down doors, door frames, doorknobs, chairs and tables cleaned.
  • Vacuum clean soft furniture from hair and dust
  • Clean under the sofa cushions
  • Clean all exterior mirrors or similar mirror cabinets
  • Carefully dust, lamps and chandeliers
  • Clean nightstands lamps included the light bulb
  • Spot wall clean from marks and fingerprints.
  • Dust top of door frames
  • Clean storage room
  • Clean all skirting boards
  • Clean windows internally, if possible clean externally too
  • Wipe down entry door inside and outside
  • Sweep patio to the house
  • Sweep balcony if you have one
  • Clean staircase banister wipes down dust

Tip:  Please be advised that you have to make sure that the rest of the property is thoroughly cleaned. Sometimes spot wall cleaning it won’t be enough and the property might require decorating or painting.

The 2 Top End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklists

Now you know your goals and expectation and how to discover the best end of tenancy cleaning checklist for your home. To help you get it done faster, these are my top cleaning advisers.

  1. CCL Cleaners — Best end of tenancy cleaning company.

Our company has spent much time of our carrier services in maid service, professional carpet cleaning, end of tenancy, moving out, one-off and communal block cleaning services.

During this time, we have developed and our reliable end of tenancy bathroom cleaning checklist.

We always knew we had had to grow a team that would be the best and top-class across every major area. And that’s what we built and got now.

  1. House Beautiful— Best for house cleaning advice

House Beautiful specializes in helping homeowners, residents, tenants, landlords and businesses of all sizes to have a professional tenancy cleaning performed and have a sublimely accurate tenancy checklist.

They go the extra mile for properties to help to get their deposit back on time. They also advise on other home aspects like painting, decoration, gardening, new products and home design, etc.

They also tend to assist, create and offer long-term experiences that otherwise wouldn’t be possible nowadays.

The Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist is Piece of Mind for Client

Every house chore, regardless of how big or small is, requires the utmost attention of a true cleaning industry specialist. However, choosing the right end of tenancy cleaners often feels tiresome and overwhelming.

With hundreds of London cleaning services providers across the capital to choose from, that’s no surprise at all.

But after all those I have explained above, you know now what to aim for, what to skip, and how to get it ready yourself. Use all in one tips, hints and special characteristics we talked about earlier.  Make sure next time when you’re on the hunt for the right and best-niched cleaning company with the perfect tenancy cleaning checklist.

What do you consider before follow a specific cleaning checklist?