Project Description

Specialist cleaning contractor CCL Cleaners was called in to help residents in an East London block who had become victims of a cowboy cleaners.

London-based CCL Cleaners were recently contracted for a regular weekly clean on a block of flats suffering from a poor cleaning service from existent company. The scheduled cleans of the communal area, communal hallways were clean rendered virtually useless by the current cleaners. This made it possible to convince the occupiers that the cleaning routine will have to change and bring in a new cleaning company.


When to appoint a new cleaning company?

In this case study we will pay attention to a major problem. The problem with the current cleaners was ongoing in the residential block, worse by the fact that the contracted hours for weekly cleaning were frankly enough the job to be completed to expected standards. This presented a challenge and the Property Management was convinced that the provider has to be replaced. Constant monitoring from the managements found:

  • Cleaners didn’t follow instructions from the property management.

  • Current cleaners will not turn up sometimes.

  • Poor cleaning is obvious.

  • Cleaning management is non-existent or supervision.

  • Cleaners will argue with residents or occupants.

For those reasons a calculated move was necessary and after productive discussion with the client, CCL Cleaners preferred option was to change the day the weekly contracted hours to cleaning on a daily basis and to increase the number of cleaners.

What is poor cleaning services?

When a new contract starts, both client and cleaning supplier outline terms and conditions under which the service will be delivered and maintained. There are many examples of poor cleaning services but these few are the most common in when cleaning residential blocks or similar premises:

  • Cleaners didn’t do general dusting on surfaces like skirting boards,

  • Current cleaners didn’t clean regularly any spills over the handrails on the stairwell.

  • Poor cleaning of the bin rooms

  • Non-existent litter picking within car park perimeter.

  • Cleaners will skip cleaning visits from time to time.

  • Lift walls are not polished

  • Floors are note mopped property.

How our cleaners turned around the cleaning service

When the move was implemented and the resulting weekly upkeep of the building delivered remarkable improvements, not only in higher levels of cleanliness but in generating enormous respect from building occupants for the upgraded appearance of their block premises. Aa an additional benefits was that the weekly presence of a fluently spoken uniformed cleaner made a great impact on the nuisance visitors, who were put off dropping litter by seeing the cleaning specialists more often at work. But this came at price, and this was a hard work since CCL Cleaners started their contract obligations.

  • Expert cleaning team was send to the development.

  • Fully equipped vehicle was deployed.

  • It took couple of weeks all entrances to be thoroughly dusted and cleaned.

  • Extra two weeks to clear out spills on wooden or metal works.

  • Extra cleaning of the wall, spot wall cleaning from marks, finger prints etc.

  • Clearing high level cobwebs

  • Clearing dust and cobwebs on the entry door externally

  • Thorough sweep of the car park.

  • Regular and detailed litter picking.

  • Bin areas thoroughly cleaned and most importantly disinfected and kept well for the next month.

  • Recent antiviral disinfection on hight traffic touch points around the building.

To find more on how we deal with sanitisation and disinfection during COVID-19, read more her: Cleaning in Residential Blocks and Communal Dwellings Outside Home

Happy occupants after a month

Dust , litter, cobwebs other rubbish has now been totally eliminated from the block and the building appear noticeably brighter and cleaner. The residents contacted the property management company and have reported that they are delighted with the changes that have been implemented – they have made a genuine difference to the environment they live in. They are also blinded by CCL Cleaners ability to make such an impact, while maintaining the cost of cleaning services within the block at the same level as before, this is what we called professional management and supervision.

Cleaning cost  and prices are major issue for many leaseholders who employ cleaners to maintain their communal areas clean and tidy. The current economic climate has escalated the difficulty in collecting service charges from property owners and, increasingly, owners and tenants are scrutinising all block expenditure. And rightly so: why should residents have to pay for cleaning services to remove rubbish, empty cans and cigarette butts that have been left by visitors or passers-by?

CCL Cleaners is well aware of occupiers’ problems. The company aims always to take a professional approach to problems arising; resolving issues promptly   using a safe system of work and method statements approach and recognising that it is vital not to impact unnecessarily on clients’ affordability or their budgets. 

Cooperation with property managements company is essential

Cooperation with the property management company is vital during the length of the cleaning contract. In many ways prompt response on arising issues or problems will help to minimize any risks of damage to the residential block and upkeeping the state of cleanliness in normal circumstances. When to report issues to your property manager:

  • Accumulation of bulky items in bin store

  • Any broken items like doors, door handles, light switches etc.

  • Report if any ventilation shafts are illegally open.

  • Homeless people occupying bin store or block perimeter

  • Damage to walls, doors, light bulbs and other.

  • Report any complaints received from residents.

  • Report miss rubbish or recycling collection from council.

  • Any electrical faults.


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