The answer is basically anywhere from £12 to £20 per hour for London based cleaners. This is obviously a massive difference and really depends on where you book a cleaner:

  • directly finding them through an online search on Google

  • book from cleaning agency

  • book from cleaning company.

But we can certainly highlight the pros and cons for each option.


1) Self-Governing cleaner (£9-12/HR). Basically, these cleaners are independent and typically they are self-employed and most popular way for them to find customers is throughout referrals, advertising websites, newspaper classifieds or shop windows here are positives and negatives of hiring:

  • This is probably the cheapest price you can find on market. They are engaged only with associated works, they don’t get involved or run office premises, general admin costs, recruitment processes etc.

  • Best way to find cleaner is through a friends or family recommendation, and this happens a lot. Ask your close family members, friends or relatives to refer their own cleaner, this way you have reassurance that the cleaner is already vetted their quality is proven.

  • Negative thing is that typically independent cleaners don’t have a public or employer liability insurance. Find out if your home insurance will cover cost you in the event of property or contents damage, don’t forget to ask about lost keys.

  • They won’t provide cover during their annual leave.  There is a doubt that they will they send someone else, plus if they do, how the replacement cleaner will be vetted?

  • Your obligation is to run background checks. Few people knowing this, but if you have an independent cleaner working in our property, then you are legally required to do a Right-to-Work background check on them. You will need to ask for an ID documents.

2) Cleaning agency hire self-employed cleaners (£13-20/HR): Many cleaners in London will find customers through agencies. All agencies cooperate generally with self-employed cleaners and they are treated as the primary link between client and supplier, they usually finding work for cleaners, and providing vetting services for clients. Pricing can vary massively depending on the chosen cleaning service are positives and negatives of hiring:

  • The cleaner vetting process often provides peace of mind for the client. The degree of vetting performed varies widely between agencies and this is also usually reflected in pricing. Vetting can include some or all of the following: interviews; background checks; reference checks etc.

  • Cleaners will be having had a Right-to-Work background checked. Furthermore, there are an optional background operative checks that can be performed such Identifications Checks and DBS Criminal Record Checks. These all contains an extra cost per screening applicant but still many agencies may do some or all of these.

  • A cover cleaner will be arranged promptly. Agencies usually provides client alternative cover cleaners in the event of absence; this is massive positive point.

  • Payments and making payments are usually another benefit of using an agency. Usually self-governed cleaners will ask for cash payment and this inevitably leads to hassle remembering to pick up the exact amount of money for the cleaner. With agencies, payments are easy they are automated with put in place standing orders, by bank payment, invoices and receipts are send out and generated for efficient tracking.

  • Extra benefits usually mean paying more for a cleaner through cleaning agency rather than finding one yourself online or local shop window for an instance.

  • Quality of work will vary hugely. Quality is under question here, agencies are not offering any training, briefings or familiarisations for the cleaners on their platform. In place of this, the only positive thing here is that the client feedback an important part in determining the quality of the cleaning services.

  • There are many reliable cleaners out there, who you like and is barely goes on holiday, you’ll may start wonder if it’s worth paying extra cost to the agencies.

    In this scenario moneywise the self-employed cleaner will be better pick.

3) Cleaning companies with own employed cleaning staff (£21-28/HR). These are the top cost to find a cleaner in central London. Here you will find the cleaning staff employed by the company which brings up their hiring cost. This type of cleaners is regularly trained, briefed, provided with Tool Box Talks, follow company Method Statements and do have a wide knowledge of the Risk Assessments, they are uniformed, and you’ll notice see their branded vehicles on London roads are positives and negatives of hiring:

  • Cleaning companies will usually provide all vetting processes including checking cleaner’s application, an interview will take place and background checks will be performed.

  • Employed cleaners are extensively on all practices.Usually agencies do not train the self-employed workers.

  • Cleaning companies will provide detergents, cleaning equipment as part of their service. The teams will usually drive from client to client in companies’ vehicles to deliver these.

  • Usually the employees have benefits such as holiday pay, possible sick pay, and provided with uniforms However, you’ll find it really strange to see that their basic pay per hour is much lower than an agency.

  • Cost of having employees will add up to 40% additional cost for the company and this will be passed onto the client.

WHAT ABOUT US? We are flexible family run cleaning company and generally we will hire only proven cleaning applicants. This means that choosing a smaller cleaning over big one is an easy task. All our cleaners are employed, which means they’re trained and meet the clients required standards. As well as client reviews, feedbacks etc. we also have an internal system crated to check on their dedication, efficiency and reliability. Our Public and Employer liability insurance cover is in place for client’s piece of mind. As a result, our prices are a little bit higher than average and we might not be able to a fit every budget. For extra information about our cleaning services, go and check our prices.