What is the current advice on social distancing?

Any advice or guidance may vary depending on what country you live or work in. Many countries recommend that wherever possible employers should continue to encourage and of course must ensure office staff should maintain at least two meters distance between themselves, and others who use their workspace. In these challenging times amid the COVID-19 outbreak, our company key priorities are the protection of and safety of our office cleaners, other office employees, their families and the people around them. The UK government’s current advise for businesses is for staff to remotely work from home wherever possible. But for those of you that need to travel and use company office space to carry out critical role and function daily or need on occasion, the following rules and controls have been put into place to help them ensure the health and safety of yourself and others.

Is there any additional course of action that can assist maintain proper social distancing?

Yes, the fewer people from the public or work you have face-to-face social interaction with the better. On order to find out what procedures are needed employers must carry out their own risk assessment.

What if your job is within close contact with the public or other colleagues?

The company should do everything they can to keep all employees safe by maintaining social distancing rules at all times. But in the scenario, where your job requires you to have close contact with other people your employer must evaluate the level of risk this poses to employees’ safety, and the measures required to keep them safe. The longer time they spend in close contact to somebody else, the greater the risk is getting infected.


Helpful Tips to keep yourself and others safe while working.

Work Desk Distancing- when choosing a desk or workspace you should be at least 2 meters apart from the person next to you. As guidance leave at least one desk space between you and the colleague.

On arrival to the office– observe exceptional hand hygiene practice, wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds and use a hand sanitizer. Keep a distance of 2 meters from other colleges.

Interacting with colleagues- it is imperative that we keep physical contact to a minimum. Do not shake hands with others and try other greetings such as nod, or bow or the ‘’namaste’’ greeting.

When leaving the office- wipe down surfaces and IT equipment, wash up i.e. Cups, wash your hands thoroughly. And remember to also wash your hands when you get home.

Kitchen and welfare areas- ensure that you keep these areas clean after use. Wash up and dishes and cutlery that you use and wipe down surfaces when finished. Wash before and after preparing food. Find out more the way to disinfect and how to clean stainless steel appliances  in this short article. At the and don’t forget to wash hands for at least 20 seconds.

Our office cleaning company places employee’s health and wellbeing and all others as a priority and it is expected to all employees abide by the above rules for office spaces and to follow the advice of the Government and health authorities in the control of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We can all make a difference, every person, every day!