What does a balanced diet consist of?

A balanced diet is expected to contain the food of the following groups

  • Protein (protein helps with muscle growth and repair) e.g. meat, fish, egg and non-dairy sources of protein such as nuts and tofu.

  • Milk and dairy (helps with bone strength)

  • Fruit and vegetables

  • Foods containing starch like bread, rice and pasta (they are our carbohydrates and they provide us with energy needed)

  • Minerals

  • Sugar

  • 1. Allowing weight loss. Many of us decide to eat healthy in order to lose weight so we can feel better about ourselves and go out and feel confident in our bodies! It gives a huge benefit toward mental health as it improves our quality of life. But it may also be to reduce health issues such as diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can be managed by having a healthy diet and regular exercise. This also goes for chronic conditions for example if a person is struggling with obesity, they are at a heightened risk of developing

    • Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
    • Cancer (obesity is the second most leading factor for cancers despite it not being spoken a lot about)
    • Poor bone density which accounts for arthritis to develop and overall, it prevents the individual from having efficient mobility.

    Combatting obesity can also help getting a better night’s sleep as well again contributing to a better mental state.

  • 2. Reduces the risk of cancer. In 2014 American Society of Clinical Oncology found that obesity contributed to an even worse outlook for those suffering with cancer and that diets that are rich in fruit and vegetables help combat cancer and fight against it such as the cancer or the upper gastrointestinal tract. Diets that are found rich in veggies, fruits and fibre lower the risk of colorectal cancer and diet which is rich in fibre reduces the chance of liver cancer.

  • 3. Helps mental health. Researchers have concluded that having a diet with a high glycaemic load may account for an increase of depression and fatigue, it is vegetables and whole fruit which have a lower glycaemic load as oppose to soft drinks, cakes etc. with a higher load. Which will reflect your mood throughout the day and everyone knows that being angry or sad throughout the day makes it harder to focus and work efficiently throughout the day. This overall can have a greater impact on your work efficiency and how you deal with certain struggles in the workplace or with family, you will be doing even greater damage to your loved ones than to yourself. It also improves your memory and can help combat dementia or a cognitive decline.

  • 4. Stronger bones and teeth. Which is why making sure that children have a diet with enough calcium and magnesium is vital for them! As it helps their bones and teeth to grow stronger and can help them prevent osteoporosis later in life! The same also goes for adults with maintaining that intake all throughout adulthood to increase stronger bones when elderly.

  • 5. Makes you feel proud. Not many people can say that they eat well, most brag about the big juicy stake they ate!