Broad after builders cleaning familiarity bifold with close participations within construction and building developers, authorized CCL Cleaners to administer contemporary perspectives and innovative approach for cleaner and dust free premises on building sites. Our professional way of dealing with heavy polluted areas, plaster, paint and rubbish is the perfect move to address clients’ needs, ultimately accomplished certain change for their premises, building sites or refurbished houses. Thorough cleaning of a building location could be turned with ease from our cleaners into a habitable domestic or office surroundings.


Our after builders cleaning greatness is good value for money:

  • Dispose of heavy soiling, glue markings, adhesives, cement, plaster, paint spattering, gum – any kind of litter, remain and junk leftover from construction work will be relinquished;
  • All of our cleaning teams are in possession of most recent manufactured wet and dry vacuum cleaning machinery.
    They are in possession of scraper, mops and buckets, extensions for high level dusting and washing.
  • Health and Safety implications on site are our main priority and our cleaning operative’s wear correct PPE at all times. Protective gloves, dust masks are mandatory whilst on the construction site;
  • Protection coating to cover-up household property, furniture, external parts of exterior, etc.;
    Professional and heavy-duty cleaning detergents if required;

Our Profound Knowledge:

CCL Cleaners rely firmly on expertness, and have tailored our post-construction cleaning processes to create an approach which find answers that have real encounter and help our customers achieve.
Our cleaners on site are uncompromising in seeking best impact, not just the one that is most generally agreed upon. With the advantage of true skilled window, carpet or office cleaning specialists and their knowledge and practical experience, we deliver more thoughtful, imaginative and effective work.

Our Partisipation:

No matter what we do CCL Cleaners always ensure that the cleaning work after builders must have lasting benefit on newly or refurbished construction sites in London. We conduct a genuine approach to our work and participate beyond every company structure, from the management office to the battlefield. We comprehend that absolute, unceasing impact is always our aim and that only by working jointly with our building site managers and foreman’s we can achieve a great service and high standards.
Available throughout London and Home Counties CCL Cleaners after builders cleaning service offers prepared and obliged service to your cleaning needs and guarantee accepted standards of cleanliness and sanitation are fulfilled.