Varnish Carpet Stain Removal: Top ideas from expert carpet cleaners how to clean varnish stains on carpet.CCL Cleaners Carpet Cleaner

What Cleaning Solutions For Removing Varnish Stains You Need:

Detergent/Liquid Cleaning Solution
Start to mix one teaspoon normal dishwashing solution with a medium cup of lukewarm water.

Dry/ Powder Cleaning Solution
You will need to purchase a dry cleaning agent of liquid based spot remover.

The agent is safe a non-flammable dry cleaner.

The place where to find it is usually a grocery or high street Tesco, Asda etc.

What You Must Prepare to Make Varnish Carpet Stain Removal Solution?

Dry Cleaning Solution Detergent Solution
1 Medium size glass bowl


2. 1 table spoon of basic Dish Soap

3. 1 Cup warm water

4. New microfiber cloth

5. Spray bottle


1. Medium size glass bowl


2.     2/3 parts of warm water

3.     1/4 parts white vinegar

4.     A tea spoon of borax

5.     A tea spoon dry oxygen bleach.

6.     5 to 6 drops essential oil

7. Pillowcase cover with zip.

8. Microfiber cloth



How to Remove Varnish Stains From Carpet?

  1. Firstly how to remove varnish stains from carpet ? You must start to blot the stain carefully. Try to absorb by soaking up as much of the liquid as possible.
  2. Secondly  step is to start the hoover. Try to vacuum up any hair, small bits, dust, mites, nail particles, and other tiny particles.
  3. Get ready and prepare the required cleaning solutions. You must start with the first from the above list.
  4. Before that you must do a simple test before the actual intervention. It is very important to test the detergent solution on a tiny hidden part of the carpet. This way you will reassure yourself that the made solution doesn’t form any discoloration neither will damage the carpet fibre.
  5. Imply and use the spray bottle. Try to apply the prepared mixture onto a clean microfibre cloth. After that use the same to apply the solution exactly over the affected zone. Do it only over it, do not overspray on surrounding areas. Must adhere to do this task from the outside side of the stain, sliding toward the centre of the stain.
  6. Leave the applied solution over the stain for 5-10 minutes and let it. You will be amazed how the stain will start disappearing.
  7. Take a clean microfibre cloth, start to absorb the moisture. You must continue do this until the stain colour no longer transfers its colour to the clean microfibre cloth. Never try to rub the stained carpet, or you will damage the carpet!
  8. Rinse with cold tap water, make certain all excess moisture is absorbed or soaked up precisely from the carpet.
  9. Give it 10-15 minutes and try figure out If the stain appears again. If yes, try repeating the process as much as need, until the stain is completely gone. You might have to do it numerous times.
  10. There is a situation where the stain can be difficult to be eliminated and still persist. Trying to remove the varnish stain Try following tip: mix of the next ready solution. Do not forget to do the test again, then step by step until you find is its gone forever. If the varnish stain appears once again after trying both methods, you have no other option but to hire an expert carpet cleaners in London.
  11. Once you have managed to remove the varnish stain away use a 2 or 3 ply of layer white paper towel. This way you will completely absorb any extra moisture or residue.
  12. Leave the cleaned stain area to air dry
  13. When the carpet is completely dry start the vacuum. Hoover the area, try to groom to restore the previous texture of the carpet.
  14. Have a break and relax, it was so easy!


How Much Does it Cost to Remove Varnish Stain from Carpet ?

Furthermore, you may need to find out. how much does it cost to remove varnish stains from carpet.  You may need to call professional carpet cleaners to determine the actual cleaning price for removing the stain. Obviously it won’t be cheap, but it will not be expensive either. Each carpet cleaning company has minimum outgoing calls for their service and the best carpet stain removers they use.

But here is an example  of what you might pay for varnish stain removal:

  • Removing few varnish stain from carpet only – minimum charge of £50.00
  • Removing few varnish stains from carpet plus full double room clean £70.00
  • Removing varnish stains from carpet for 2 bedroom flat will be £90.00

These carpet cleaning prices are guide only. They can vary from one cleaning company to other. The price are based on few factors. For more information you can contact us to discuss your requirements.


In Addition: Varnish solution is widely used. It is mainly used inside residential homes. With it you can actually add colour,  shine etc to furniture. Once properly applied It does really make a huge impact in creating this furniture stunning, natural and attractive. But while you use varnish it can turn into a massive problem:. Drop of varnish though is it can sometimes get on wooden surfaces where does not appear. But if the varnish make a stains on the carpet, oh boy these are very difficult to remove. Once the carpet is damaged  it may look dull.. For that reason react fast. Try to clean it yourself or call the Stain Removal Experts to remove varnish stain on carpet.