cleaning-refrigeratorThe fridge should never be the dirtiest thing in your home!

This is where all the perishables are stored. But unfortunately, the poor old refrigerator takes the most abuse of all the things in the kitchen. It’s stuffed full of all kinds of food. We spill sauces, juices and God knows what else in there and forget it till it forms that nasty crust. And to top it all off, cleaning out the refrigerator is an annual event at most households.

It is important to realize here that a clean fridge means better, fresher food that lasts longer. Try to clean it at least once a month. And if you can’t, do arrange to hire one of the cleaning companies London has to offer. These organizations have experts in cleaning that will get your fridge all clean and shiny in absolutely no time.

But if you want to know how to clean your refrigerator, here is a little how-to guide for just that:

Time to De-clutter

Make sure that the fridge is turned off before you start off! Start off by taking a good look in your fridge! See any old, expiry, half eaten, moldy food? Toss it into the can immediately. If there is some food in there that is still good, take it out and place it an ice cooler while the fridge is being cleaned. Or better yet, ask your neighbor to hold on to the contents of your fridge for a day.

Then once the refrigerator is empty, also take out all the drawers and shelves that are removable. These are most likely made out of plastic or maybe glass. Wash these with soap and warm water and set them aside.

Wipe Down the Interior

You will need a mild detergent or soap, hot water along with a clean cloth to get this done. Start from the top and work your way down to the bottom. Tough stains and spills may require you to leave the soap and water standing or you can also use a non abrasive plastic scrubber to get them off. Do the doors lastly.

Everything Needs To Be Dry

Take a dry cloth or even a towel to the interiors of your fridge. Also wipe down the shelves and drawers that were washed earlier. Also, dry the interior of the doors.

Do It Right This Time!

It is time to put the food back into the refrigerator and turn it back on. Clean the food jars and containers before replacing them. Also think about investing in some good food-grade plastic boxes to store the leftovers.

Clean Everything Else

And this includes the freezer and the outside of your refrigerator.

The freezer can be cleaned using the same method as listed above. Don’t forget to check for any expiry or old food items that may have lost their taste and nutrient content over time. Anything that has been in the refrigerator for more than six months has to go. If you haven’t cooked and eaten it in six months, chances are that you never will.

Yes, cleaning a refrigerator is too much work, but a clean refrigerator means better health for the whole family. You can always hire cleaning companies London to get the deed done professionally!