Bathroom and other rooms mirrors require definite attention from time to time when you do your daily chores. Maintaining your house mirrors free of spots, smudges, fingerprints and streaks its not an uphill task.

Imagen you going into your bathroom and your mirror is dirty, such an item will make the place look unpleasant and filthy.

While sometimes it’s as convenient as a fast wipe with window cleaner and a microfibre cloth, you’ll get finest crystal-clear outcome every time if you follow these tips and learn how to clean a mirror:

Homemade Mirror-Cleaning Solution

  • Full cup of distilled water

  • Full cup of white vinegar

  • A tablespoon of corn starch

This homemade solution made of three ingredients has to be mixed or diluted in a basic spray bottle, for better mixed solution you could shake  the bottle well. After that intervention you’re ready to shine and polish some mirrors!

  1. Start by removing deodorant, make up, hair spray or any stubborn remains with isopropyl alcohol and a clean paper towel, you can use also clean dry cloth. Dip a tiny bit of the cloth in the alcohol to blot and clean up the spoilage before you clean the rest of the mirror glass.
  2. Next step is to apply the spray onto the mirror with your cleaning solution or glass cleaner.
  3. Take a glass microfiber cloth for a streak-free shine. Don’t have one? Crumpled-up with your hand a newspaper, this is a traditional way and it also works really good.
  4. Than take in the microfiber cloth (or newspaper) and start wiping across the mirror in a wide “S” pattern, working from one edge to the other edge, then try other way round from top to bottom. Try to go around with the same edge of the microfibre cloth to capitalise on any grime or spoilage without spreading it in other parts of the mirror. Never conduct a circular motion to clean up and shine mirror!
  5. Final step is to see if the mirror appear clean, stand in a different spots and try to look through different angles of the room to notice if zones of the mirrors still uncleaned.

Professional House Cleaning Company in London

Maintaining your bathroom clean, free of limescale, fresh with clean and shiny floors is a lot of work. Check out more bathroom cleaning tips to put in order your bathroom cleaning routine and figure out the ultimate cleaning schedule. When you need an extra hand to help ask about our professional cleaning company.