How Much Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Classified as expert solutions for different fibers, professional carpet cleaning services is one of our most booked services in London. At CCL Cleaners we know how to get your carpet cleaned, fast, and efficiently. Customers’ satisfaction as well is fully guaranteed.

Our well-known cleaning company, CCL Cleaners assign professional carpet cleaning services to tackle a wide span of soiled, smeared, and grimy floor coverings. Cleaning and maintaining your household dust-free and toxin-free reduce health hazards to all habitants who occupy the property.

For that reason, pre-assigned carpet cleaners only follow cleaning methods are utilized by our company. They are safe not only for fabrics but occupants too. And they all come as well here’s our simple guide for cheap London prices.

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Quote and it’s pricing elements?

We take into consideration numerous factors before we provide an accurate quote.

  • Size and typeflat, house, studio or office?

  • Floors, stairs the area type?

  • Cleaning methodhot water extraction or other.

  • Stains on the carpet– do you have any? What origin?

  • Stain protectionincluded or not?

  • Pets-do you have pets indoors?

  • Smoking– do you smoke inside the property?

  • Deodorizing carpetdo you prefer or not?

The median cost of carpet cleaning varies from £30 and £55 depending if single, double room or a thorough lounge area.

What Professional Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal Experts Offer?

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Professional Carpet Cleaning is a common specialist service offered by many.

What makes it so extravagant and special though?

What makes it better than other cleaning services? Here is the answer:

  • Professional cleaning cleaner usually will send out a team of expert technicians to perform a job or task the best possible way;
  • Professional carpet cleaners generally usually offer conservative steam cleaning. Because some Dry cleaning’s sometimes may affect matters or damage your rugs;
  • Professional carpet cleaning team are in possession of best cleaning equipment;
  • Experienced and trained technicians have access to high-end cleaning agents unavailable  to buy on Asda or Tesco’s shelves;
  • Professional cleaning company offered clean guarantee;
  • Professional cleaning companies will provide free no-obligation quotes for any job.

Hot water extraction method

When our operative turns to your doorstep, he will follow essential proceedings to ensure the most methodical thorough carpet clean is done.

  • Start with examination and pretreatment if necessary.
    Mainly, stain pretreatment includes deep vacuum clean followed by applying specialized fabric solvents to existing soiling, smear or griming. It will take some time before the room is entirely prepared for the following extensive cleaning action.
  • A high-end hot water extraction machine will eliminate grime.
    The professional high-class carpet cleaning machinery streams and combine a mix of hot water and non-ionic carpet extraction detergent deep inside the fibers of your carpets. Simultaneously, a very strong suction wand removes the dampness from the carpet altogether with the displaced dirt.
  • The final results are terrific and this method is real value for money.
    If your carpet hasn’t been treated recently, then you will be able to see significantly how every part of the carpet touched with the cleaning wand lightens up.
  • Repeating the process
    The process is repeated a couple of more times for better results and appearance.
  • Rinsing with water alone.
    A final thorough rinse to clear up traces of solvent and any soiling left behind.

* Note: The powerful deep suction wand attachment eliminates up to 90% of moisture from a freshly cleaned carpet. To get read of the dampness and accelerate the drying time period, a Powerful Air Mover will air-dry premises and the rest of the dampness left. During the summer season, the use of these is not essential as the carpet can dry on its own for between 2 to 4 hours. Grasp more about our carpet cleaning service that speaks volume.

ScotchGard Protection for Spills and Stains

Another important step is to use of stain protection from Scotchgard™, which is most recommended option to safeguard your precious fabric. The applied thin layer of solvent firmly interrupts smallest interaction of carpet fibers, also it helps minimize wear and tear and prolong carpets life.

  • Scotchgard™ protection Is lenient to special and delicate fabrics;
  • Scotchgard™ upkeep carpet fibers refreshed and looking natural;
  • Scotchgard™ avert soiling, griming and stains.

If you pay now a tiny fee, you will prolong the life of your carpet.

Exact Costs for Professional Carpet Cleaning Per Room and Item?

Professional carpet cleaning costs on average vary. These types of job prices are calculated per room. So, how much it will cost to have my carpet deep cleaned? How much will be to book steam carpet cleaning? Any difference in the price of rug cleaning and carpet cleaning?

Here is the inventory of carpet cleaning prices for London per room by the professionals at CCL Cleaners:

Premises Type Hot Water Extraction With Stain Protection
Single Room £25.00 £30.00
Double Room £30.00 £36.00
Hallway £20.00 £24.00
Through Lounge £45.00 £52.00
Rug Small £20.00 £25.00
2 Seated Sofa £40.00 £48.00
3 Seated Sofa £55.00 £70.00

Clean the carpets yourself?

This is good one, basically you could give it a shot theoretically, but frankly in reality, address it to the professional carpet cleaners and save your money for something important. Are you prepared to waste money? Go ahead and rent a regular carpet cleaning machine from ASDA. Total cost will be around:

  • Rent the machine for around £25.00 to £30.00

  • Buy doubtful cleaning detergents or shampoo for extra £15.00

  • You have to sacrifice couple of hours going to rent it and return back the equipment.

Disadvantages when renting steamers:

  • Many rental steam carpet cleaning machines are way to simply slow. For instance, if you try to properly clean three rooms, oh boy – it could take you the whole day. Many renting steamers are square with no pipe or hose or cleaning wand, so you can go in tiny difficult places like corners, around furniture, oval furniture etc. Very hard to maneuver with.

  • Cleaning the carpeted stairway will be big task as well.

  • Carpet cleaning detergents are very doubtful and risky to use.

  • Some machines use tons of water. At completion you will face huge problem how to dry carpet which is way too damp. You will start wonder if the carpet will become mouldy, it will contain mildew, which might create further complications like infestation.

  • Waste of time. Let me give you an example. Our team had an end of tenancy cleaning booked but no carpet cleaning pre-arranged. The tenants went to nearby ASDA in Canary Wharf, they return “fully equipped”. For over 2 hours they couldn’t connect the pipes and get the steamer ready. At the end they did ask our team to help and to make a run with the machine, Results were awful. On top of that the steamer had small unit which deemed to demand constant supply of cleaning detergent and frequent disposal of the dirty water, all this slowed down the whole process.

  • Machine malfunction is very common. These machines are constantly booked and used from untrained individuals, which again catapult the risks of complete failure sky high.

  • Think twice before make huge effort as NO guarantees for finest results. Consider the path between quality and substandard equipment. At one end high-class gear, used at, and low-end rental machines.

Another Question: Do you have enough free time to spend the whole day dealing with it?

Remember, by the time you go to the shop, hire, pick up the cleaner, look out and buy the exact detergent, to do job yourself, then and return the steamer, you would have spent quality time, I am saying nothing about the effort. If you are good in math’s and you use common sense you will realize that it is a better investment to hire a professional cleaning company like CCL Cleaners to handle fiber deep clean and refreshing for you.

We are always ready to book the next customer, no matter what, a studio, one single bedroom and dining room, or a two-bedroomed split-level property with a corridor and living room, or reception? Four or more-bedroom houses with two reception rooms plus with carpeted staircases or even luxury penthouses?

Discounts at CCL Cleaners

At CCL Cleaners we do care about clients, Customer satisfaction is paramount in our work ethic. All of our carpet cleaners follow our company quality policy and customer care policy. When the client can benefit the most?

  • Multiple services are booked;
  • Existent clients;
  • Returning clients;
  • We simply love to go extra mile for the client

No matter what, you can freely book a carpet cleaning service as part of our professional tenancy cleaning/move out service and benefit from the preferential service. Other discounts on pre-booked multiple services apply for regular housekeepers, also our specialized, our expert fridge cleaning. Enjoy refreshed and stain-free carpets in the long-run.

Hidden carpet cleaning charges?

The state of cleanliness of your home carpet is paramount for you. In rare occasions our carpet cleaners might include a bit of extra time to work on existent condition of the fiber. Other cleaning companies in London will add additional sur-charge for the extra time, but at CCL Cleaners we won’t do this to anyone.

  • Stubborn stain removal. At CCL Cleaners we always advise new clients on stains and other conditions like bad odour, ink, etc. There is a moment that not all stains do go away. This depends on few factors like time, type of fiber, type of drink spilled etc.

  • Moving Furniture: Our carpet technicians will move only light furniture. By light we mean a small sofa, chair, small cupboard which doesn’t require a lot of effort to lift. Suitcase, personal belongings etc. Please be advised that heavy furniture like beds, wardrobes, mirror cabinets etc., won’t be lifted or moved by our carpet cleaners.

  • Sentimental items: Please remove any items which are very important to you or they have any sentimental value.

  • Minimum charges apply. If you book only one room or only two rooms, a minimum fee applies. Combine different services to pay less.

Types of stubborn stains?

At CCL Cleaners we won’t be able to help clean vomit, blood, some ink and water stains. But we do offer Scotchgard™ protection which is a highly-effective stain repellent that blocks fabrics from interacting with the initial stain. We do eliminate a number of unpleasant odours.

Smoking indoors – Puffing cigarettes indoors can develop a distinctive smell to the property and also will affect your carpet fibres. Professional cleaning of your carpet will eliminate promptly any smells and will bring a fresh start to all habitants. Our carpet cleaners may need to deep clean, then deodorize your carpets to fully eliminate lingering odour, which can add to the final cost in some instances.

Why Investing in Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Wise?


How much cost carpet cleaning and does it worth it? Our answer is IT DOES. We are proud to serve clients with finest results throughout London, Canary Wharf, Southwark, Islington, Chelsea, Kensington etc. .

There is no doubt that a use of simple vacuum cleaner will do good job, but with professional hot water extraction method cleaning process is unmatched.

Regardless of how often your cleaning maid hoover floors in your home, particles, hair and dust easily find its way within the tiny spaces between fibers of the carpet.

Accumulation of dust and grime is inevitable no matter how powerful your vacuum cleaner is, but regularly treating your carpets with professional carpet cleaning is straightforward task and will prolong its life, wear, tear and more importantly its appearance.

There is also an artful entente to follow

With time, all types of carpeting turn a little dull, shabby, lose their shop front effect. No matter how you look at it, regular spraying and washing is needed to bring back that fresh, uplifting appeal that only a clean and nice-smelling carpet holds.

Carpet Cleaning Service by Sectors


Did you know that the carpet cleaning service is used mainly in commercial sector, hotels & restaurant and domestic sectors? Office buildings, office premises, cinema’s, other organizations are regular customers. Private homes have 25% share of the total carpet cleaning booked around UK.

An Average Cost of Professional Carpet Cleaning in the UK

A periodical carpet refresh is essential to upkeep your home carpets bright, smelling good and free of stains. The average cost in UK to book a carpet cleaner is between £50 to £130, bear in mind that figures can vary from time to time.

UK National Minimum Cost £50
UK National Maximum Cost £130
UK National Average Cost £90
Average Range Cost £50 – £130

Recent Study

A recent study led by researchers from British Cleaning Council that big part of potential clients has better idea this is associated with hiring professional carpet cleaner, compared to small group of clients who prefer to rent steamer machine and do the clean themselves. The research team made this discovery after examining data gathered from 100 people.

These results offer to future clients the evidence that booking professional cleaning services suggest that it is more preferable and trustworthy.


Past studies have demonstrated that choosing professional carpet cleaners is beneficial to final results, and the positive effects include appearance improvement, stain prevention etc. In fact, results of similar study showed that having a ScotchGard protection and use of specialized cleaning services providers will reduce the risk greatly to damage carpet fibre.