How to Tell When Your Carpet Needs Cleaning?  

Don’t kid yourself that your home carpets are pristine! You think, you spend enough time every week to vacuum carpets, soft furnishing and upholstery, and you believe that it’s all nicely cleaned? With all my respect I can provide a proof to you that your carpets weren’t cleaned as they should be. Here are few major red flags you must to be aware of that your carpet is dirty and need an expert carpet cleaning services and when you have following:

  • Stains on carpet

  • Pets at home

  • Sandy Soiling

  • Traffic area appear grimy

  • Human and pet hair

  • Grimy residue

  • Dust and fluff


How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in London?

Carpet Cleaning Prices


Single Room       £20.00 Dining Room         £35.00
Double Room     £25.00 Landing                    £5.00
Through Lounge £35.00 Rug Small               £15.00
Hallway                £15.00 Rug Medium          £20.00
Stairs                     £20.00 Rug Large                £30.00

Dirty Carpets? 5 Signs That You Need Carpet Cleaner

Here are the most obvious signs that only professional carpet cleaning company will eliminate particles, greasy residue and sandy soil that your house hoover won’t be fit to do the job: Carpet cleaning twice a year is it’s an ultimate investment in the long term of your carpet to shine like new throughout the year.

Grime -Periodical cleaning and vacuuming of the carpets will help its surface to be free of debris, grime and other particles. However, this will not prevent eliminate the deep-rooted dirt that’s located within the carpet fibres. Hidden out of sight, laying deep into the fibres, and obviously out of reach for the vacuum cleaning extensions– you’ll finds tons of pollen, tiny little droplets, dog or cat hair, human hair, dead skin grains, food, nails and other small particles. Most important is to get your vacuum cleaner very deep down and suck up these little mites and other objects. One of the major factors for destructing carpet fibre is the dirt and grime, which will cause wear and tear factor to appear fast.

Odour -Every home or place of work has the privileged to offer its own unique scent or smell, but regular refreshing of the premises will help this place to appear captivating, also be hygienic too. Very often in a crowded family habitat or busy business office environment, incidents, spills and other will happen over time, and unfortunately, some of those will trigger unpleasant odour. Not long after carpets will produce bad smell, and believe it or not if carpet become damp, the next thing will be mildew, mustiness and smutty fibres. You will need a deep carpet cleaning; only professional carpet cleaner will wash the carpet fibres thoroughly. This will make them clean and fresh in long term.

Bacteria-Bacteria lives in the fibres of rugs, upholstery, and carpets I can agree that this isn’t very nice, as you try your best to upkeep it clean very often. Tiny dust mites are absolutely unnoticeable to the human eye. Their droppings along with skin cells (it is mites’ favourite food) and when you add up dust, allergens, and moisture, all this creates the best breeding environment for bacteria to grow. That’s is how the bad bacteria exist such as Escherichia Coli, Salmonella etc. It can evolve and survive within the fibres of carpet for an extensive period of time. Regular carpet cleaning throughout the year is a major factor to upkeep home carpets, soft furnishings and upholstery fresh and clean.

Pre-Existent Stains -Old and dried stains on carpet can be tough to fight and get rid of. These longstanding marks, originating exclusively from wine, coffee, food, juice and pet’s urine, can even damage the colour of the carpet. Tackling stubborn stains is an up-hill task, but an experienced and trained carpet cleaner have the knowledge to hold on to it with heavy soiling, stains and old marks. Their professional carpet cleaning equipment will offer your carpets new line of life.

Pets-If you are a pet owner, you are probably aware of the unpleasant smells of your carpet. Pets at home have a major impact on home environment including damages to carpets and soft furnishings. Their destructive influence doesn’t bring any good. But safe guarding your carpet with a Scotch Protection is a preventative method to keep the clean. Combine this with periodical professional carpet cleaning will bring back smile to your face.

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