Home-Cleaning-TipsIt is summer already, and if you have missed the spring cleaning this year, due to busy schedules, it is time to bust the stains and expunge the dirt through professional cleaning to turn out a spotlessly clean interior. To get your home spelling fresh like flowers and clean as white, you do not have to take a week’s vacation and sweat out running the vacuum cleaner. Instead, you can add that extra bit of sparkle to your home without following an arduous cleaning routine, just by following some tricky cleaning ideas.

Start from the Kitchen, Also Known as the Grease Factory

This will take you a whole day, if you do not take the items in order. Start from the right hand side of the stove and work up to do the sink, dishwasher, oven, garbage box, etc. Wipe the oven with a wet paper towel and secure the bottom with a nonstick oven liner to avoid future accumulation of dirt and grime. Replace paper towels with microfiber cloths for better cleaning and lesser disposal. After you’re done cleaning, do not forget to microwave the sponge on high temperature to ensure that the germs breeding in them are killed by the day end.

Bathrooms: Both Open and Secret Spaces

Bathroom cleaning is not about surface cleaning, but more about disinfecting. Keep the shower stall screen spotless by polishing it with lemon oil or a car glass-care product to keep the water droplets from leaving stains on the surface. Wash your cleaner liner once every ten days to get rid of mildews. Swish the toilet like a professional cleaning provider with a non-abrasive scrubber to get rid of the spots and stains. Do this frequently in order to keep the area clean and disinfectant. Usually lint accumulates in the drain zone causing clogs after sometime. While draining out hot water weekly keeps the zone free from troubles, using Liquid-Plumr is equally important to dissolve the clogs. Also, make sure that you’re cleaning up your bathroom mirror, tubs, door knobs, sink and floor before your kids occupy the room for their nighttime washing up.

Laundry Room: Keep It Mess-Free

The laundry room of your home is another messy corner of your home. While all soiled clothes-filled hampers are stationed in the small room, it sets the environment right for germ breeding. Spray disinfectant, more frequently in the monsoon when the humid air in the room gets filled with allergens from outside and inside. Try not to preserve your dirty laundry for long in order to ensure hygiene in the room and the rest of the house.

Tidy Up the Guest Room

Though this is your spare room, you should always try and keep it neat and tidy to be ever ready to accommodate guests anytime they arrive. Keep it clutter-free and vacuum it three times a week to keep the dust from settling on furniture tops.

The Living Room Makeover

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Last, but not the least, the living room is the very face of your home. Vacuum it every day and clean the carpet as frequently as possible to keep spots and stains at bay. Dust the furniture with the help of professional cleaning experts whenever possible and put some flowers in the vase to keep the air fresh and smelling good.
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