Canary-WharfWhere is Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is located in East of London, the E14 area is on the West India Docks next to Isle of Dogs. During 18th century the area was very popular and was one of the tireless and active places in the capital. In the 20th century the business industry in the docks set off to decline, contributing to all of them being closed by 1980.

Nowadays the fabulous Canary Wharf was created when Michael von Clemm suggested that the area to be converted in office buildings. Further analysis, meetings and discussion forced to outline the idea for a new business district. The first construction project was accomplished in 1991 in the face of One Canada Square and it became the UK’s tallest building and an emblem of the modern transformation and recreation of Docklands.

Afterwards new company called Canary Wharf Group was made from Canary Wharf Ltd. New office buildings were built and the market slowly but steady galvanized. Major part of the transitional recovery period of E14 area was the building works of the Jubilee Line on the London Underground. At the moment not only office accommodations but newly built residential building were formed. Some exceptional of them are Pan Peninsula which is the tallest residential habitat in Europe, New Providence Wharf, Ontario Building, St David Square on the south side of Isle of Dogs, The Landmark on the crossover of Westferry Road with Marsh Wall and Canary Wharf Central. Recently planning permission was granted for the first time on the estate this will be amazing 58-storey residential tower, including many shops, restaurants and health clubs.

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