As far as it comes to an end of tenancy cleaning, I’m certain you’ve heard quite a lot about guaranteed deposit returns and expensive estimates. If you’re gazing for some information and advice on what it’s included within and if you even need to do it yourself, then you’ll appreciate this infographic. It’s a simple but fundamental explanation of what end of tenancy cleaning is and why you might need to book it or do it:

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Definition

End of tenancy cleaning is defined as a specialist deep cleaning of any rented property located in London prior new tenants move in. It has few more names and it is recognised also as post tenancy clean, move out cleaning, tenancy cleaning or simply thorough deep cleaning.

We follow 3 easy steps:


Do I need it?

Only you can answer to this question. Basically, it depends mostly on your rental contract. If you have one it must be clarified within the agreement between you and landlord or you and letting agents.

Nowadays technically tenancy agreements include conditions that clients must have their rented apartment or house professionally cleaned before they move out. In case you are unsure, you can always ask landlord or Real Estate people.

Nobody wants to move in into a messy and filthy place!!!

An example: If you are private tenant and you did pay a deposit to your landlord or Real Estate Agent, you may be pondering what happens to it?

There is government body to safeguard tenants’ deposits in England and Wales and are considerable provider of deposit shield in UK. Professional end of tenancy cleaning is one of a kind reasons for deposit dispute between both parties.

What does involve?

This is not an easy one as well, just simply booking a cleaning company to execute the clean won’t guarantee all. What customer needs is to research and find professional cleaners which will stick to the inventory clerks comprehensive cleaning checklist. Be advised that the cleaning checklists are similar but may differ from landlord to landlord. Our London cleaners adhere to 200-point checklist approved by many letting agents, free holders and private landlords. We have tailored ours after years of thousands of tenancies cleans. We had to make sure it covers all in all.

How much does it cost?

End of tenancy cleaning it is not an easy task. It is time consuming and it really involve a hard work and really deep clean. No area is left unchecked. The total price really varies depending on the actual size of the place but also following:

  • Number of bathrooms

  • Number of reception rooms

  • Cleaning windows externally

  • If you need professional steam carpet cleaning

  • If you need blinds to be cleaned?

  • Size of the oven

  • Number of freezers and refrigerators

  • If you have a balcony

  • Free parking facilities

Advice: End of tenancy cleaning service for 1 bedroom flat with one bathroom, no carpet cleaning required, no balcony or blinds, located in Canary Wharf, East London E14 will typically cost £150.00+VAT.

Be aware that many companies offer cheap cleaning service but they do not guarantee the service. This will create a situation where client may end up paying more in the long run if the service has been delivered poorly.

Can I do it myself?

Yes, definitely but you must read and find out how the end of tenancy cleaning is done. I would usually advise against it but if you research and find out the best cleaning detergents, this will not cause any problem. Just make sure adhere to the cleaning checklist.

Tip: This is the important part, please be aware that most of the time, your landlord or letting agent will demand an invoice from a professional cleaning company which carried out the job.