ccl-cleanersWhich room in your residence do you least love washing, scrubbing and mopping? Unquestionably you will say: that is the bathroom. Purging showers, toilets, bathtubs, and other areas of all sorts of build-up is time-consuming and drudgery. Clean your bathroom fast and efficiently by using this 9-step tested tailored method and cheap professional bathroom cleaner’s special detergents.

  1. Re-locate all items from their typical place.
    For fine task accomplishing and superior results, take following step and remove for the entire bathroom instead of as you go. Displace all of your bath products like shampoos, soap, face cream, conditioners etc. from the shower and/or bathtub. Move all used hand, face or roll towels and rugs outside the bathroom. Toss any items from the counters outside the room too. Don’t forget to dispose any litter from floors.
  2. Pick up rubbish, dust and vacuum clean the bathroom.
    For general dusting, grab your microfiber duster cloth, if you have a long handle to attach the same cloth on, you could easily remove any cobwebs in high level area and corners, also on higher located light fixtures or in vents. If you fail reaching them, use a stepladder to get up high if you have one. Once completed the first step use brush and broom to sweep or vacuum cleaner to hoover floor, get rid of hair and other mini debris that may have gradually over the weeks have built up on the floor.
  3. Apply lime-scale professional cleaner to shower and bathtub.
    They are few lime scale removers, which could be bought from stores like Tesco, Asda, etc. You can use for an example Harpic or Vaikal. Apply the cleaner solution if you clean with the sponge and live it for 5-10 minutes to soak.
  4. Disinfecting and tackling bacteria on other surfaces.
    Spray with Dettol anti-bacterial cleanser on to your (i.e. cleaning cloth, sponge, etc.) and wipe down any furniture, toilet sit, cabinets.

5. Cleaning bathroom floor.

Once the dusting, hoovering and sanitizing is done, you can fill up a bucket with hot water and add floor detergent.

  1. Clean nicely shower and bathtub.
    At this point, previously applied detergent will have done much of the work for you, allowing you to rub and scrub. Before rinsing scrub tiled bathroom walls, floors etc. For better results use a scourer, but be careful don’t press it too hard. On completion rinse with cold water
  2. Finish the shower and bathtub.
    Wipe down with dry cloth all formerly relocated items, then prepare to clean the shower glass or any other glass on the bath. If you do have a shower door, spray it with window cleaner, then wipe and polish to give it a sparkling finish.
  3. Clean the sink, toilet and toilets sit.
    Use of bleach will help sanitize and sparkle toilet bowl. If you had the inside area of the bowl scrubbed regularly, the job this time will be done much easier. Apply the chemical inside the bowl by starting from the top doing round streaks, then scrub it hard with a toilet brush before flushing the toilet. On completion spray the outside of the toilet with Dettol anti-bacterial cleanser, then wipe with a clean cloth.
  4. Mop floors.
    Dip the head of your mop into the bucket of dissolved cleaning solution, press to squeeze out the excess amount of water, mop in a figure eight shape going gently from one side to another clean the bathroom. If you experiencing resistant or sturdy spots, rub rapidly and press down with your mop head onto the floor to scrub at the sticky area.

The above advice is the most recommended and tested bathroom cleaning method and in fact will help you to clean and organize your bathroom quickly and efficiently.


Tips to keep the bathroom clean between cleanings.

  • Store and keep a small vacuum cleaner inside the bathroom for regular pickup of hair, particles and other mini debris from floors.
  • Position a hair-catcher in your drain to avoid build ups and for easier clean in the future. When water doesn’t drain as it should, it leaves behind an ugly ring around the shower or bathtub.
  • House a squeegee and use it after shower, this action will retain water marks and build-up of lime scale at bay.
  • Install mini containers or holders to organize and house smaller items in.

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