Who doesn’t love our cute little pups? But those who are doggy parents will be familiar to the smells, mess and happiness that comes from our little furry friends from good to bad our little pups do bring a range of issues at the end of the day. You’ve accepted that it’s normal to get pet accidents and that hairs all over your apartment is your new way of life. But let’s talk about that strong dog odour the moment you walk into your home, you have become normalised with it however, it can be noticed by others and most of the time…they will often find themselves making some sort of remark about it. Rather than just letting it slide let’s accept the reality of the situation. Things can get tricky especially when you’re moving out soon and you become desperate to eliminate that funky smell in order to sell that house easily and fast!

Carry on reading if you…

  • want to figure out how to eliminate your dog odours prior to end of your tenancy, so you can make sure that you get deposit back in full.

  • are moving out very soon and hope to increase the chances of signing the contract promptly fast when you selling property.

  • have an interest on how to reduce the chances of your home from smelling like your little pupper.

What actually makes our dogs release that strong odour?

Well, that actually is dependant by the dog breed. Some dog breeds will be smellier than others for example: beagles, pugs etc. Whereas other breeds such as Poodles or Huskies don’t have an odour issue. However, these odours emitted could be natural but could also perhaps be health related. Our dogs sweat, have bacterial infections, bad breath due to teeth issues too! Of course, they will produce a lot of nasty smelling smells. You’ve just got to get it eliminated!

You could conduct a bit of research about your dog and it’s breed to see if it’s because of its breed or to look out and see if your dog may have some health problems. After that, knuckle back down to work and eliminate that awful smell by abiding to the advice given below.

How to remove dog smells instantly?

Well, it is easy one. No matter if you want to keep your home having great smell or if you rent and you want to satisfy your landlord to get rid of the unpleasant dog smell you can follow the tips below, they can be very handy to you.

Making sure you are taking care of your pup.

It is vital to be able to identify potential health issues that your dog may have by doing some research, and if concerned taking a visit to the vet. Many factors such as infections, misaligned teeth which could lead to bad breath, a poor diet can all be factors allowing this odour to continue. It is important to properly bath them when needed and not just using a towel to dry them off it’s good to use hairdryers or let them out in the sun for a bit especially dogs with a lot of fur. around the house.

Locating the odour traps in your home

Depending on the restrictions you have implied in your home for If your dog will make your life easier. If your dog is only allowed in some rooms then it’ll be easier to located the odour traps, but if he/she is allowed everywhere in the home then you’ve got a job on your hands. You need to remember about old stains on carpets or a stained wall which may have been forgotten about. Make sure that you make a list of all the spots in order to not forget them and mark them with some tape.

Making sure vacuuming your house is a priority

It is important that even if you don’t have a dog with a lot of hair and doesn’t shed a lot that you give your entire home a good vacuumed. A powerful vacuum cleaning will pick up all sorts of microscopic organic matter (pet dander) You should make sure that all furniture is vacuumed too

Giving a deep clean to carpets, rugs, curtains, sofas, and other soft furniture

After going after your old stains with vinegar, baking soda or an enzyme cleaner make sure you give it a good deep clean with a steam cleaner or call up a professional if possible cheap carpet cleaner to help you clean it up (the cleaner will do overall a better and longer lasting job) Anything washable such as curtains or washable cushions can go in the washing machine.

Regular wash of dog’s toys

Toys are a dog’s best friend; they are always playing around with them if they aren’t with you or sleeping. Anything that your dog may play with, comforters for its bed and bedding which is being used on a regular basis should be washed on a frequent basis should be washed otherwise they will begin to smell as over time your dog’s odour will be absorbed by it as he/she will spend a lot of time with it. Your dog’s bed will be its favourite spot to drool and chew food which will leave a lot of stains on. You would be surprised that a lot of people often forget this step, but it is vital to eradicate that dog odour.

Consider freshen surfaces

With pets it is inevitable that there will be many urine mishaps. It is a good idea to repaint your walls to apply a new coat of varnish on your wooden flooring. Many dogs will go back to their urine spots and it can be unsettling to look at therefore just a paint over will get rid of that smell. Cleaning may not be able to save that surface therefore you should choose a quality odour-sealant product and renew your home.

How to decrease the chances of your home from smelling like your dog

  • Ventilate regularly– It is very important to open your windows every single day, not just when it’s warm outside. It gets rid of that smell quicker than you would think and is so important to get done.

  • Making sure your dog is in good health– Take a trip to your vet if you’ve got concerns about your pup, but for many dogs it could be a health issue that you aren’t aware of and it’s important not only for the smell of your home but for your dog’s life too.

  • Bathe and groom your dog on a frequent basis–Making sure to dry that fur especially with dogs with more hair not just with a towel but with a hairdryer

  • Use air purifiers– It is very difficult to eradicate all the smell sometimes, and sometimes all it takes is to use an air purifier to finish off the job.

  • Clean pet accidents immediately– Don’t get lazy about it otherwise you will regret it! It will generate a nasty smell if it’s just forgotten about.

  • Regular home cleaning is required– Applicable to everyone, of course. Healthy and pleasant environment is required for pet owners.

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