When the time comes to move out of a rented property, many questions pop up in your head. The first one is- should I do the end of tenancy cleaning myself or should I book a reliable end of tenancy cleaning company to do it for me? Well, I can only say that you can do it all yourself, but you won’t spend wheelbarrows of money if hire professional cleaning company too. Sometimes landlords can be fussy, especially when you didn’t have a good relationship with them or your letting agents, both can give you trouble when you are in line to get your deposit back. So, in case you fall into the last group, we have tailored a must do end of tenancy cleaning checklist, simply follow our tips here:


Top 25 End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

  • Perform your end of tenancy cleaning after you’ve already moved out, it’s going to be easier, if all personal belongings, boxes and other stuff are not around to create for you an obstruction. If you are first time post tenancy cleaner it is better for you using natural cleaning products (such as white vinegar, baking soda etc.) as they don’t leave behind unpleasant or toxic odours.

  • Get to a fast start and work from the top down. Use a cobweb duster to clean-up cobwebs and dust the fan blades, lightings, chandeliers and other high-level furniture.

  • Next step is to get a clean microfiber cloth and do a thorough dusting around the property, this will include skirting boards, all surfaces, door edges, door sills, window sills, furniture, blinds etc.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust left on window coverings (like, draperies, upholstery or curtains). Make sure to launder curtains if possible.

  • Next step is to deep clean and kitchen, Degreasing oven, stove top, stove hood, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher is a major factor for a property ready to be checked from the landlord.

  • Clean and polish if necessary, all kitchen countertops, back splashes, interior and exterior of the kitchen drawers, cupboards, rubbish bin, kitchen table and wipe down dining chairs.

  • Perform a check on kitchen walls, then if needed spot clean any finger prints, residue, grease splatters and food or drink splashes.

  • Check tops of the kitchen cupboards, you will definitely find a greasy surface, you might need to deep clean it.

  • Move to the bathroom and with a clean cloth thorough dust cabinet, towel railing, skirting boards, behind and around toilet bowl, wipe also doors and door sills.

  • Deep clean with white vinegar bath tubs, showers and shower glass, sinks and toilets. Don’t forget handles, tiles and chrome fixtures. Use a scourer to scrub if needed bath tub and sink.

  • Wipe down bathroom mirror nicely.

  • Vacuum clean bathroom floor, mop floor at the end.

  • Cleaning of bedroom wardrobes, closets, drawers and others is easy and you need for that a clean microfiber cloth. For fully or part furnished property, you must check inside drawers and underneath and around bedroom furniture, remove fluff, small particles, socks, and other stuff which fall behind. Dust all bedroom shelves, drawers and furniture surfaces. Take of all bed sheets and linen.

  • Clean all windows and windows sills, doors and door sills, light fixtures. Use the cobweb duster to get rid of dust behind the radiator or heavy furniture which you cannot move. If you have ottoman bad don’t forget to clean the storage area beneath.

  • Do absolutely the same in other areas of your property: corridor, dining room, reception or living room, office cabinet, etc. Wipe and clean up all drawers, wardrobes closets; wipe shelves and furniture surfaces.

  • Vacuum clean and mop floors where necessary.

  • Vacuum clean entire property thoroughly. For finest completion, consider renting out a steam carpet cleaner and get carpets professionally cleaned and stains removed.

  • Buy a deodoriser to freshen up the carpet smell after the clean.

  • Mop all floors, do this couple of times and more if necessary until you find out the water in the bucket comes up clean.

  • When you dispose of the dirty water make sure to flush the toilet, you might need to do it couple of more times to eliminate small bits left in the bottom of the toilet.

  • Wipe down and polish the flush button and plate.

  • When you enter the final phase of your end of tenancy cleaning, make sure you wipe all light switches, doors, doorknobs, drawer pulls, closet handles, electrical sockets etc.

  • Clean up any photo frames, mirrors, windows internally and externally if possible, make sure you polish other shiny surfaces.

  • Dispose of rubbish, boxes, broken or unused items etc. Make sure you don’t leave anything behind even not single cloth hanger.

  • Prepare for final inspection. Make sure you check every room, check all cupboards, wardrobes or drawers. Look again underneath and around bed or furniture. As you walk through the property leave open all room doors, cupboards for netter ventilation and better odour.

If you think all this above is a way too much of a headache for you, consider to get in touch with our professional cleaning company. You can call us to obtain a free no obligation quote and we will be happy to help you.

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